Monday 2 January 2012

Belt it Baby!

Okay, my relationship with belts has had its ups and downs - my large rear and slim waist meant that when I was a size 16, I needed a belt to hold my jeans up. But as some of you know, my chronic pain condition meant that belts just exasabated the pain I was experiencing. Along with the pain, came pain medication, which then led to a weight increase - YAY! No belts needed now... - but then  when tops / dresses fitted my Curvy Kates, I was reluctant to try the belt option.

Due to some stroke of luck, my belt collection seems to have grown. And whilst elasticated, thick belts aren't really something I look forward to wearing, the thin belt? Well, if it sits at my waist, and not at my appendix site, I'm all for it.

My outfit today just shows the power of a belt:

As you can see from the middle photo, this belt is actually too big - the joys of belts free with jeans! They're not mean to fit my waist, but my hips.

The last photo (where I look like an amputee - Tyra would be devastated), has me pulling the belt as tight as it is comfortable, and you can see the difference in my waist. Now, I know, my waist is rather well hidden under some padding (!) but with my Domino Dollhouse skirt, and Evans (2 years old) tee shirt, I feel ready to take on the world!!

Much love my superheroes,

K x


  1. You have the best tshirts!!!! and you look gorgeous in the photos I wish my waist looked this defined. xx

  2. Honestly, it isn't - not normally any way! I think I need to try harder to get it defined more!

    And thanks, I do likes my geeky tees! x

  3. I must say I am not really a big fan of belts. I feel like they never 'sit right' on me but this one is lovely on you. xXx

  4. I'm not a fan usually, but with a slight error made with the US sizing, I needed it with this skirt - and thin ones sit better on me than thick elasticated ones x

  5. Belts belts beeeellltttsss!!!

  6. Yes, belts - but the right belt for me, rather than a belt for belts sake x