Friday 31 August 2012

F&F meets Peter Pan

As part of their overhaul of their True range, the good people over at Clothing at Tesco offered me the chance to review a couple of their items. I was keen to get started, so didn't actually wait for the True range to be released, instead opting for their straight range, in plus sizing!

I've reviewed one such item here, and wanted to share my secret favourite of the two:

This cute dress with no sleeves and a Peter Pan collar screamed at me when I was browsing through the options, and I was not disappointed!



I opted for this in a 22, and glad that I did, as it was a great fit across the bust, a little baggy on the waist, and sits well at the hips. What I love about this dress the most though is the great fit under the arms. With most retailers, as they go up their sizes, they just make everything bigger. But things like arm holes don't need to made as big as, say, the bust of the item. In this case, the arm holes don't show the world my bra, meaning I could confidently go without the shrug if I needed to. The way the weather is at the moment though, I really don't need to remove the shrug!!

Since these photos were taken, the dress has now shrunk a tad. Before it was riské to wear with tights, now it would be very inappropriate! I wore it with leggings to work (with the high neck, so was I wasn't showing too much skin!), and it worked very well. Although if it shrinks again, I'll have to wear it with skinny jeans only!

I've looked on line and it proved so popular that it is no longer available, but if you have a Clothing at Tescos near you, have a look see if it is still about. I'm unfortunate in that my nearest one is about a 30min car journey away, although I've found I can return items to a store which is much closer, so I might just make do with ordering online instead!

Much love my lovelies,

K x

Thursday 30 August 2012

Separate Mission - Update!

A while back I presented my latest challenge to myself: to wear - and own - more separates

Dresses are easy, you just throw them on and off you go. Yes, you can style them up, but mainly, they are very easy to wear. Separates are different though. Coordination is key.

So lately, with the addition of some key A/W12 pieces in my wardrobe, I've been trying a little harder with my separate mission:

We of course, had this:

And this week we even had these:

My Futureheads Tee Shirt from Durham
My Simply Be Heart Print Blouse
Nurses Belt
Domino Dollhouse Skirt (past season)
I love this heart print blouse - it is playful and subtle at the same time! And the peter pan collar - what more can a gal ask for!!

What really appealed to me about this top is that although it is a polyester / manufactured feeling material, is the sheer material in the arms. Which is great for appearing smart, but remaining cool in the artificially heated office. 

My Mam even complimented me and said how 'Smart' I looked in this. The best I'm going get!

 These are my 'not so successful' attempts at the separates attempts.

Never mind, you win some, you lose some. 

"Must try harder"

Much love my lovelies, 

K x

The Teaching Urge...

Okay, so that title seems rather odd. I may have to change it.

But it sums up exactly what I've been feeling recently. That urge to get in front of a class again and mould their lives in some way.

I don't know if it is due to rose tinted specs, and maybe I've forgotten a lot of what I went through in training, and then actually forging a career (what there was of it).

Maybe it is because, now I've finally accepted myself, I want to inspire teenagers to do the same.

Maybe it is because, having been in the 'world of work', I know what students NEED from education, and I'd love to offer that (instead of a half arsed attempt at teaching Romeo and Juliet, or Northern Lights).

Maybe it is because, it is what I always wanted to do. From the age of 15, my education had been focussed on teaching secondary school English. Training contact centre staff never came into the mix!

But then I remember the names - I'd probably laugh them off now.
But then I remember the stress - I'd use my time more wisely now.
But then I remember the assault.

And I stop. And I think of the lack of support following the attack. The nerves going into court. The way I was treated as a liar, like I'd made that up.

And I sigh.

And I get on with my training packages, and my leaders guides, and my conference calls.

Teaching will always be a trigger for me. A weird one, but a trigger none the less.

It was something I did quite well - I had a lot to learn - but some 16 year old boy put a stop to that dream for me.

Much love my lovelies,

K x

Wednesday 29 August 2012

Autumnal changes...

Hello you lovely lot!!

A while back I did a couple of reviews on Simply Be's Glamorosa range - looking at the tunic and the long line top. I was also sent this top:

The colour tones screamed autumn to me, but with the weather we've been having recently, it didn't seem appropriate, but now the weather is 'closing in', and the nights are getting darker, it seemed an ideal time!

And here it is! I teamed it with my Simply Be green skinny jeans to pick out the green in the design

And this is 'money' shot, showing the cut and fit of the Glamorosa element of top. It fits the curve of my bust perfectly, and skims over my bloated tummy - what the top lacks in 'pretty', it makes up for fit! 

 I don't quite know what I was doing in that photo! Pulling my ear for some reason or other I'm sure! 

The observant readers amongst you will have noticed my old hair - these photos were taken a few weeks ago, in the middle of an 'autumn' spell, but then the heat came and it, well, didn't seem appropriate!

As you can see, the V neck isn't too revealing, and the button detail doesn't gape - and if it happened to gape, there is a modesty panel under the buttons: 

 This top isn't to my usual taste but for fit and comfort, you can't go wrong with the Glamorosa range. This A/W sees them bringing a new selection in:

This seems to be their 2012 take on the top I've just reviewed, and in this top I'm wearing the Very Voluptuous, and as you can see, it is a perfect fit on my 36H.

Go forth and check it out yourself!

Much love my lovelies, 

K x

Please note: this dress was given to me to review, however my opinions and comments are my own.

Sunday 26 August 2012

We are the MODs!

As you might be able to tell from my love of all things Vintage, as a teenager, and into my early twenties, I wished I could be a mod. A proper, modern gal, with vinyl, short hair and fierce dancing skills. I read things like Saturday Night and Sunday Morning, Kes, and Clockwork Orange. I listened to Nuggets, mix CDs with obscure cover versions and B sides. We regularly went to 60s club nights, and every month you would see me at a club night called Brighton Beach. 

Why am I telling you all this?

Because, even with all my dedication to the 'cause', I couldn't get the look right. And in Mod terms, the look was the whole sch-bang! Mod fashion and boobs didn't mix.Mod fashion and curves didn't mix either for that matter! It was all shift dresses and mini skirts. 

My outfit yesterday is the kind of outfit I **wish** I'd have worn 8 years ago. But better late than never:

Top: Wardrobe for Simply Be Contrast Jersey Top
Skirt: Domino Dollhouse Full Skirt in Back & White Stripe
Belt: Gifted from Caroline

And look - NEW HAIR! Since I was 20, and my short hair grew out, I swore I would not go down this route again. But to even my hair out, and to combat the humidity we've been having lately, I took the step! 

And this is the finished effect! 

I had an amazing night in Durham with my very good friend JM, with a lush tea in Chiquito (this is their Apple & Elderflower virgin cocktail), and wandered up to the Cathedral to see a band very close to my heart, the Futureheads play:

This was taken before the rains came, and the two photos below were my views in the Cathedral: 

Such a power venue, and two great 'support' acts in Natasha Haws and The Lake Poets.

Truly a night to remember on that score.

Much love my lovelies,

K x

Saturday 25 August 2012

Ain't Nothin' But A House Party!

Well, my sweeties, hellooooooo!

Last week I was at a good friend's house warming. It was very humid and muggy, so I was baffled on what to wear! Then I remembered this little number was in my wardrobe:

Sleeveless, and an appropriate length, meant I could be bare legged, and bare armed, and still be comfortable.

I styled it with my gold woven belt (Simply Be - seen modeling on the catwalk at Plus North), and my gold studded clutch from New Look (this season). I threw on my black pumps and I was ready to go! 

I'd slicked my hair back and went heavy with my eye liner - not too heavy, it was just a house party after all!

Fun times were had (sober times as I was driving), the highlights being: Maid Marion?!; Choc Ices; Day of the Dead; and flares!

When I got home, I managed to take these photos - the dress needed more attention!

The military style has always been one I've swooned over, but not one I feel I've ever embraced fully. Now, I might just do that!

The gold detailing: the buttons and the epaulettes, allows you to get the military vibe without being too 'fancy dress'

This is the 22, and as you can see, especially on the picture below, it is a 'snug' fit on my 36H chest.

I felt the placing of the waist on this dress was a little 'off' for my shape, so added the belt for a little more oomph. Just for you though, I've taken these without the belt:

I personally don't like waists with the 'folded over' effect, I feel like it adds to me at my narrowest.

This is a great little black dress with a military twist, which, if I was the kind of office worker that went straight from the office to the bar, this would be ideal - wear a blazer and tights at work, add heels and the belt / clutch combo and POW!

If you want to have a closer look at this dress, available in sizes 8 - 22: 

Much love my lovelies, 

K x

Please note: this dress was given to me to review, however my opinions and comments are my own.

Wednesday 22 August 2012

Remember me?

I'm feeling rather bashful at the moment, and just wanted to say hey, I'm still here, mentally writing posts in my head, but not getting round to actually typing it out!

I'm subdued, shy and timid at the moment, so very not me. As you can guess, this is manifesting itself in my outfit combinations a little. 

I have posts & outfits I want to share, and I will. Just needed to take a breather. 

Much love my lovelies,

K x

Tuesday 14 August 2012

Shrugs in stripes

I love it when the post office brings me pretty deliveries! And when this latest delivery arrived, I was giddy! COLOURS! SO MANY COLOURS!

But then I was debating how to show my delivery to the best advantage! Other than 9 photos with the same dress (only fair) or one featured each week for 9 weeks - not a bad idea actually... - but I'm too excited to share this with you! 

The lovely team at Excite Clothing had noticed I was a little obsessed keen on their range of shrugs, averaging buying one a month! 

I first featured them here, and most of the outfits I tweet seem to feature them in some fashion or other! The folks at Excite asked me if I wanted to review their range, I was not expecting the complete set to arrive on my door!! 

Look at them all! So bright and pretty on my Primark bed spread! 

These at the short sleeve shrugs in white, chocolate, cerise and peach. I already have them in cobalt, red, black and purple, and wear them almost every other day!

And these are the long sleeve shrugs that they kindly sent over. In white, black, cobalt, red, cerise and peach. I love these! It will greatly help my wardrobe transition over to A/W.

I then had to ponder on how to store them - either another extra coat hangers in my wardrobe, or I reclaim a draw from somewhere. I do find though that if something is out of sight, it is out of mind, and easy to forget, however much of a wardrobe-God-send they might be!

TA-DAR!!!!!! I have my winter long sleeve shrugs in the bottom, with the short sleeves easily accessible! 

It now sits on my desk top ready to be grabbed at the last minute as I head out the door (or grab my phone for the photo shot, before I walk out the door!!)

Be warned, you will be seeing a lot of these in the coming weeks and months, and I bet you'll be buying some yourself! I got all mine in 20-22, and it's a perfect fit across my back / arms:

There are some dresses which require a quick pinning with a badge or brooch. 

Other than that, they sit wonderfully on me:

They can be found here: and honestly? I'm not sure where my wardrobe would be without them!

These shrugs were gifted to me, but all views and opinions are my very own and I have not been paid to promote it favourably.

Much love my lovelies, 

K x

Saturday 11 August 2012

When clothes DON'T work...

It happens. They don't work. And they get returned.

Sometimes I'm bashful that I even tried it, sometimes I'm relieved that I can return it and sometimes, well, I love it so much I want to MAKE it work!

These are from the A/W12 collection from Simply Be, the hi-lo hemmed skirt in wine, and the black top with removable embellished Peter Pan collar.

The black top was just too heavy for my liking. Yes, great for the winter, but for me, I'll just melt! I'm much more a 'layers' girl, not a thick jumper type! I was tempted to keep it for the collar alone, as the detailing was so delicate. Sadly, not for me. Also, this was the 20, and it was rather baggy and loose for my tastes. 

The skirt on the other hand, was tight in the 20, and I was tempted by the 22, but I realised that it would lose the fit at the waist, and possibly still not fit on my rear, but this is just a guess.

The gathering at the front is a nice touch, but I felt like to added to my size. I didn't mind this, but if you want something to skim, this skirt isn't it. 

The reason I gave up on this item was I looked in my wardrobe and tried on a number of tops I already had, but nothing seemed to work with it. Either the length was wrong, or the colour. 

Not for me I'm afraid.

This little beauty was from, you guessed it, Lady Vintage London and their 'plus size' range. This is stocked by a number of different companies, but as I was also placing an order with them for a swing dress, I wanted to give this a try as well.
I've ordered from this range before, or so I'd thought. This dress is sold at the larger end, in dual sizing. I opted for 22 - 24 as I knew the 18 - 20 would be asking too much! 

This dress fits across the bust perfectly, but is rather 'loose' everywhere else in the top half. I was massively tempted to return the dress, but the print, cut and style were too tempting to pass up!

I'm hoping my Grandma will be able to dart it, or work some kind of magic and make it the 'perfect' dress!!

So, what do you do if the clothes don't work? Hoard? Return? Or make it work?

Much love my lovelies, 

K x