Monday 28 November 2011

I *heart* Curve (ASOS Curve that is...)

I have just discovered I've been limiting myself for just too long! Instead of shopping around for dresses, I've been focusing on Evans and Simply Be... and so making do with their collections.

Now, don't get me wrong, some of my favourite dresses have been from these plus size giants (no pun intended), but some have missed the mark slightly, and I've 'made do' with what they had on offer.

But a chance twitter encounter with @jadebythesea, and that has changed! She was offering some of her dresses and all we had to do was name our price:

Apart from adding a slip to protect the office from seeing my Curvy Kates, I am more than happy with this! I'm wearing it with tights and flats, but know I'd be happy in leggings and no slip, should the opportunity arise!

I've now ordered 3 more dresses from ASOS Curve, and can't wait for them to arrive, but in the mean time, I'm in Curve with ASOS Curve!

Much love my lovelies,

K xx

Saturday 26 November 2011

Dressing down...

My office has a dress down policy (every Thursday at the moment, then throughout the Christmas season) and I always struggle with this... I'm not a dress down person any more - I'd much rather wear a dress than jeans and a tee shirt...

But, in the efforts of conforming (and saving my smart smart stuff for when we get to meet Chris Waddle next week) I'm trying out new purchases which can be worn with jeans AND smart business trousers...

Not the best picture - bathroom lighting is not the best, but, purple check shirt, with a drawstring cinching means no belts to add to the colour... I think I should be able to wear with trousers or jeans... no leggings though, which is a bonus!! I have too many dresses / tops which need leggings and can only wear then on 'dress down' days!

So, my mission to simplify the wardrobe choices seems to be working... Thank you eBay, with the help of Evans - just a shame the 22 come no where near to my bust, even though it is perfect everywhere else!

Much love my lovelies,

K x

Friday 25 November 2011

My weekend plans

And so it stretches ahead with promise, but I'm feeling rough and not wanting to push things too far, so my weekend will mainly include these two things!!

Come one, come all!

Welcome! It's been a little while coming, something I've been pondering and wondering... and I've decided I would jump right in!

Well, where to start!

  • I'm a pretty compulsive shopper, and Christmas is my chance to spend for others!!
  • I'm forever searching for the perfect dress
  • I spend far too much time in front of the telly on an evening
  • I have geek-like tendencies
  • I rant, and then it is over and done with
  • I plan to use this to share plans, dresses, outfits and general thoughts that are too big for my mind tank to hold onto!
Feel free to offer your advice and support @kathroooon. I'm not a facebook lover at the moment thanks to a number of work incidents... so twitttttttttttttttttter all the way!

Much love my lovelies!

K x