Tuesday 31 May 2016

Grab your Cote

God, that May. So glad to see the back of it! 

May has been, frankly, a shitty month. 

It saw my Grandma having a stroke and spending 3 weeks in hospital, with a fall three days after she was let home. 

It saw the arrival of my parents new puppy, Rory.

It saw my job thrown in serious jeopardy. 

It saw me winning a competition for a trip for 2 to Glasgow.

Glasgow gave me something to look forward to, amongst applying for all the jobs - a brief relief from the anxiety of what the future might hold. 

It started with a simple share of a picture on Instagram:

And so, thanks to the amazing team at Cote Brasserie, my best pal Jackie and I headed north of the wall, and put our hearts in the hands of Glasgow.

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Friday night saw us sat in the window of a beautiful restaurant, with the weekend spread before us. And I was delighted to have a vast selection of Gluten Free items to chose from!

After a delicious starter of Crab Mayonnaise with avocado, cucumber, capers, and tarragon with toasted gluten-free bread, I gave in to what my stomach wanted, which was chargrilled thinly beaten out minute steak with frites and garlic butter, and it was just as good as my stomach had hoped it would be!!

Dessert was a no brainer - Crème Brûlée. Oh it was heaven. 

It was a sign of the weekend to come, and with a full stomach, Jackie and I headed to our home for the weekend, the Radisson Park Inn hotel - a recently renovated hotel in an old Victorian building. 

Breakfast was included in the package from Cote, so we trotted back to them for a chilled breakfast. 

Feeding a gluten free and vegetarian table isn't easy - finding a combination restaurant that can please both parties is a bit of a challenge. 

Cote stepped up to the challenge, and while I enjoyed a simple breakfast of fruit, yogurt and toast, Jackie had what she claimed was the best vegetarian breakfast ever! High praise indeed!

Next stop on our whistle stop tour, was Gordon Street Coffee, which offered the perfect respite after a morning shopping. We were meeting a few pals there, and so settled down with coffee and cake - and I can attest that their gluten free cake was both delicious and gluten free!

After the chilled catch up, we headed up the hill to the Glasgow Theatre Royal, to see Emily Atack in Breakfast at Tiffany's. 

I knew nothing of the story, having not seen the film, or read the book, and was looking forward to an escapist couple of hours. It was not the chirpy story I'd misunderstood it to be. It spoke of the quest to rewrite your own past, take charge of your own story, and not to let others determine your path. 

A quick stop back at the hotel to freshen up:

Another warm greeting from the team at Cote, we were sat in 'our' seat by the window, and we were again faced with the epic task of WHAT TO HAVE!!

My starter was my standard pate option. It was served in a mini Kilner style jar, assuring me it wasn't contaminated, serve with apple chutney on gluten free toast. 

This Poulet Grillé, or chargrilled butterflied chicken breast with wild mushroom, crème fraîche and thyme sauce, served with gratin potato, was far better than I'd expected - I'd assumed it was going to be an up market Sunday dinner and it was so much more than that!! 

Dessert was on a theme with Friday's - this time just plain Crème Caramel - oh but there was nothing plain about it!!

We rounded the night off, after a good old stomp around the streets of Glasgow to relive student days gone by (Jackie's, not mine), we ended up in Nice'n'Sleazy's for a famous £3 White Russian:

The following morning called for stronger stuff, so a full Gluten Free selection:

We waved goodbye to Glasgow, and vowed not to leave it so long the next time!

What really made this weekend the tonic I needed though, as well as the awesome Jackie, was the welcoming, attentive, and knowledgeable staff at Glasgow Cote. Being fans of people watching, we noticed the staff weren't just attentive of us, but all their customers received the same level of service. And if that's the case, then Cote is a great jewel in Glasgow's crown. 

Much love my lovelies, 

K xx

Wednesday 4 May 2016

Filtering Out the Mistakes

When I created this blog of mine, 370 posts ago, I didn't really have a plan - I wanted to track the outfits I was wearing and what I liked / didn't like about them, and from that small seed, this oak tree grew. 

I'm super proud of what it has helped me achieve - and it's grown and changed, just as I've grown and changed. 

I would have never thought that I would have written pieces on fat politics when I first started out. I would have never pegged that I would have been involved with a brand campaign like Simply Be Denim. 

I had expected mistakes - be it in any aspect of my life. 

And just as how social media comes with filters, so does this blog - I didn't intend to be as censored, or as selective about what I wrote about here, but I have been - and that makes me feel less genuine. 

So, I bring to you, my mistake column! 

Yup - I plan to share my mistakes with you all - to show an unfiltered view on my life. To get back to why I started this blog of mine - and hopefully some of these mistakes will turn into successes too!

I subscribe to the Birchbox beauty box, mainly because I like getting surprise presents each month! I'm no beauty blogger, and I won't ever be, but getting tester products to try out, when a lot of them are high end products I would never dream of buying otherwise, is a great sales point for me (no, this isn't a sponsored post! Stick with it!).

I've been trying a number of cleanser / toners (since this post) combinations, and the samples I've had in beauty boxes in general, have really helped me get to grips with what works. 

Before Birchbox, I  had subscibed to Glossybox - I can't remember why I cancelled or changed my subscription now, but while under their wing, I got sent a number of full sized products, including this:

Which had me at Purifying Cleanser.

And, over the past few weeks, I've been ritualistically using this to remove makeup from my face.

My routine has been working very well, and my face has been super smooth and mostly spot free (stress spots don't count!).

Until I read the 'Directions'.

I love reading these normally, I mean, as if people don't know how to shampoo their hair, or rub cleanser all over their face...


Hang on.

It's an intimate cleanser.

Which, quite frankly, is not something I believe in. We really don't need to cleanse our 'intimate' area - it's designed to clean itself!

But, this £7 of intimate cleanser has been doing quite a good job on my face. And since I've found this out, I've not stopped using it!

It serves me right for not reading the packaging, but equally I'm quite glad I don't subscribe to Glossy Box any more if they're promoting the idea that we need to cleanse our intimate area

So, mistakes happen.

Sometimes they turn into great things, sometimes they make no difference.

Much love, my mistake making lovelies,

K x