Wednesday 8 April 2015

Temple Spa

Temple Spa and the day my skin care routine GREW UP!

I've always thought I was a good human when it came to removing my make up. I used to be team make up wipes, and slowly graduated to supermarket cleanser and toner. 

I saw the benefits to moving away from wipes, but it was the TIME. I just couldn't face sitting at my makeup table when I could be in bed with a makeup wipe and be done with it!

I nearly fell of the routine bandwagon, and back into the wipe habit, but then a Temple Spa party saved me!

This was a few months back, but I'm still going with the products I'd snapped up, but more on those later!

It wasn't so much a party, as an education with added facial! 

If I'd thought about it, I should have gone makeup free, or at least been willing to remove it all and fully benefit from Carly's experience and expertise!

After doing a skin survey (I'm oily and combination, but with a tendency to be more oily) we then got to try all the products which were tailored to our particular skin / problem areas (HELLO T-Zone). 

It was at this point I discovered and fell in love with the Moisture Matte which acts as a primer to stop my makeup sliding off my face, and makes it so strokeable! It's just like velvet!

The Dual Act cleanser (which I have only used on dry skin before bed, not yet done anything adventurous with it!), coupled with the Toning Essence fully removes makeup and dirt before bed, and smell so refreshing and CLEAN!

Although, as Temple Spa has been put together by the people who started Virgin Vie, I'm not surprised it smells so good! 

I've been a bit of a disorganised mess over the past few weeks (months?!) and not even managed to fit in a relaxing bath, which means I've not yet tried the Purification Scrub (like a vacuum for pores, apparently!), but if the other 3 products are anything like this one, I'll be signed up to Temple Spa for life! 

Our party was a showcase for their facial range, but we also got a taste (or rather smell) of some of their other ranges, and their candles are definitely next on my list!

I got this package for £64 as part of a multi-buy deal, but the difference in my face and reduced amount  of breakouts means it's worth it!

Much love my lovelies, 

K x

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