Monday 20 April 2015

ModCloth Stylish Surprise

There is little more that gets me hot under the collar than having a scout of the ModCloth website. Add to that the idea of not knowing what you're getting and I was on that website super quick fast! 

The idea is you pay a set rate, select your size, and then wait. $20 for a dress, $15 for top / bottom, and $10 for shoes. I thought I'd chance my luck with 2 dresses and an 'apparel' piece, not realising I already had a dress in my basket from my aforementioned regular scouting trips! Safe to say I got hit with a customs charge, but it was worth it!

Out of my 3 Surprise items, I'm keeping one (edit: okay, maybe 2 of them!) of them, and selling the other two - again, it's the gamble that you take, especially with ModCloth sizing being as it is, that the items will fit when they arrive. 

My 'keeper' dress isn't on the website any more, but it is a wine coloured version of this dress:

Which is made of a very heavy material, so more a winter / spring dress - watch this space to see if I actually get around to wearing it!

My apparel item was this cute skirt, which unfortunately had no stretch in it whatsoever:

Which means it will have to go on the sell pile.

And this dress, which is cute as, but the neckline / strap position means I'm not really likely to wear it:

Although, should there be an unexpected event, or wedding, one good strapless bra might save the day. I may keep this for a wee while to see if I have an occasion to wear it to!

There were a couple of other bloggers who were as taken by the idea of clothes as surprises, so make sure you check out their spoils here:

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Much love, my lovelies, 

K x


  1. Oh I saw mod cloth were doing this and I was so tempted to get one just didn't have the pennies 😞 I love the skirt you got and cannot wait to see what your keeper dress looks like on ^_^

  2. I love your spotty dress but you know that! and I can deffo see you in the wine coloured dress, I think next time I will try the apparel too as they have so many cute tops so maybe I will get lucky. x

  3. I used to buy a lot of Modcloth in Australia but now i'm in germany we have to pay extra (tax) upon buying items from the US so it becomes really expensive...

  4. Pretty sure I saw a wine keeper dress selfie at some point? Its so perfect!
    Next time (September probably?) I'm totally going for apparel and a home accessory. And a dress. Obviously a dress. Yay, Modcloth! xx