Tuesday 28 February 2012

I had butterflies...

Well, aren't we lucky! I've gone from having a very small selection of clothing to chose from, to having a wide variety of choices, from differeing levels of quality and style. And I love it!

We have large chains, concessions and small boutiques.

I have been keeping an eye on Butterfly Online since Georgina blogged about them some time ago.

And when this dress was on the front page -I was in loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

It arrived in it's own little bag, and most importantly, A BELT THAT FIT!

Now, as a disclaimer, my day was a loooooooooooooooooooooong one, and my hair and face a mess, so I was trying to get a sense of the dress without my face. And yes, I am soooooooo wearing the wrong bra as well.

Now, I love the colour and the style, but when I first pulled it on, I was concerned about the fit. I'd gone for the 22 as my usual size, without much thought, and I was genuinely worried it would be too small. After some adjustments though, I felt much happier with the dress, and once I'd pierced the belt (that's right, the belt was actually too big for my waist, and I think I'll need to tighten it again, or wear a different belt), I felt much better in this.

I think this would be a dress down dress, because of the length (leggings to start with) and if I got some black skinny jeans, I would definitely wear this dress over the top of them, with some ballet pumps.

The cardigan I think smartens it, but at the same time, I think it perhaps doesn't work as well I'd hoped with the collar.

My lesson? Don't try things on on a Monday night after work and Brownies, instead wait a little while!!

An OOTD post will follow, and I'll hopefully have some better photos!

Much love my lovelies,

K xx

Sunday 26 February 2012

New Inspiration

I've not bought anything from New Look 'Inspire'. There. I've said it!

I have now rectified this when I was in York yesterday with my Mam, as we wondered around the half open store (sewage leak) - which effected, you guessed it, the Inspire area! We had a game of look out, while I snuck into the taped off area to snatch at clothes. Oh yes, it was a hoot!

I actually tried clothes on in the store, and do regret not taking my camera in with me, but hey ho!

This dress I found too big in the 22, (especially in the waist area - it really needed the belt) and the 20 far too small. The material was a nice heavy fabric, which would have been lovely if it wasn't Spring! But the colour was vibrant, the length perfect, and the belt fitted on the tightest hook (so for those the have issues with the belts with clothes being too small, I'm guessing this wouldn't be a problem here).

After the disappointment, I wasn't holding out much hope for this:

I love this dress! I love that it pulls in my waist, I love the pattern, I love the length (I tried it on in New Look with leggings and flats... Big win!

I also like that I can wear it as a winter top as well, either with a cardigan, or with my cape from Simply Be.

When I was walking to pay for this dress, I noticed this one:

And I thought, well, the African print was such a success, this must be as well. And it fits. But that isn't the issue I have with it:

 I honestly have no words: the dress is designed to generate curves I think, rather than highlight them. The way the material falls adds to the top and lower half rather than just highlighting the waist. 

The pattern is lovely, and the detail of the sleeves and length is perfect. Shame it's going back next weekend though. 

Much love my lovelies, 

K x

Friday 24 February 2012

Tweety Necklace...

Just a quick post to ask your opinion:

I love my Tatty Devine Kathryn necklace in the original font, but I am seriously considering my Twitter handle as a necklace...

Is this just mental? Is £32.50 for a necklace just wrong?

Thoughts please!

Much love

Kathryn x

Prize Creativity!

Well, I know I've been a little quiet on the blog front of late, but all that will change in the coming days / weeks! And that is a promise!

Back in January, FullerFigureFullerBust ran this competition. I was impressed that it wasn't the usual "Follow and RT to enter" affair, which I think works on the smaller blogs (generating traffic that wouldn't normally head your way) but for larger blogs, I feel it is a little manufactured. So a competition that awarded creativity, and had an element of luck too (5 were pulled from the 'hat'), was right up my street!

I sharpened my writing skills, and got to work. My winning entry can be viewed here:

I was lucky enough to win:

Wow! Just WOW!! Blog entries to come re: the prizes I've selected, but that is not what I wanted to share with you all today.

I wanted to show you the entry I'd put in for the 'Design a Bra' competition:

My perfect bra would be adjustable. By that, I mean that it will adjust your size. So girls wanting to be larger would wear this bra for 6 months, and see if it is still something that they want after that period time of not being able to fit into their clothes properly, or being stared at unnecessarily.

Equally, for thos contemplating surgeory to reduce, this bra will do that too. Hopefully to convince both classes of women to love their breasts as they are, indeed, a part of them.

And so, hopefuly, these women will keep the bra, and their breasts. When you need to fit into a dress / shirt, and can't - you'll pull out this faithful old bra, and so you can go to your interview, or to that important meeting, looking the part. Or, if you have a date, or need some confidence (which is what those going into breast augmentation state as their reason for their decision), you'd pull this bra out.

Tuesday 21 February 2012


I've mentioned that I go to chruch. I've also hinted that I 'teach' at Sunday School every so often. And sing in the church choir.

So although I've failed in Frugal February, I won't be failing in Lent.

I'm not going to be as strict with myself as I was trying to be with Frugal February, but I am, in some ways, going to be more strict, if that makes sense!

For Lent, it will mean the following:

* No diet coke / decaffinated diet coke
* No fancy lattes
* No chocolate
* No unnecessary spending (a nice cop out there!)

April 8th (Easter Sunday), will hopefully mean I can sort out finances! Maybe even treat myself to the Anna dress if I can!

Much love my lovelies,

K x

Sunday 19 February 2012

Glamorosa Schoolgirl Error!

For those of you who don't know what / who Glamorosa is / are, they are a section of SimplyBe that I'd bought from previously as Simply Voluptuous - but embarrassingly, it was too big in the bust! So I wrote them off, and left them to it.

When I saw this in the Glamorosa section of the SimplyBe website: Glamorosa section, I fell for it! I knew I wanted to try the tunic, but this time I knew to size down the 'Voluptuous', 'Very Voluptuous' and 'Standard'. Still though, I forgot the other part of this equation: the size of the rest of the dress!

I ordered this is the Voluptuous and 22 - it was almost automatic, as I am so used to ordering for the bust, and making the rest of the dress work!

The tunic is a lovely cotton, and flows wonderfully! I will be sending the 22 back, and maybe, I'll try the 20 in the Voluptuous another time!

It would have been another great top to wear over jeans, or with black work trousers for the office! Shame I misjudged the fit though!

Much love my lovelies,

K x

Saturday 18 February 2012

Simply February

Now, I may have failed Frugal February in a rather dramatic fashion (lattes and chocolate and clothes!) but more on that later!

Tracey B had tweeted this dress:

And while I liked it in the white, I loved it in the navy blue:

Tunic: SimplyBe
Jeans: Evans (Last season)
Shoes: Joe Browns for SimplyBe

While this dress may well be called a dress, there is no way I can wear it with leggings, but as a top with jeans it is perfect! I can see me wearing this with cut off jeans when the weather allows!

It is elasticated at just about the waist, so skims over my tummy rather nicely!
It is a sleeveless top, but that's fine, in the summer I can't wait til I can - but for the Spring, this is is perfect, jeans and a pair of Joe Browns ballet pumps:

How pretty are they?! They come in fushia as well - but I'll see how well they last first, before I decide whether to invest in a pink pair!

Added perk: a free shopper! Perfect!

So yes, SimplyBe is a my reason for failing Frugal February!

Much love my lovelies,

K x

Friday 17 February 2012

A Error of Judgement!

Yesterday I was really happy with the outfit of choice - it pecked up my spirits, and made me finally get over my cold / self pity kick.

My outfit on 'Woeful Wednesday' - the day the cold hit - in my 'Corporate' work tee shirt, Domino Dollhouse Retro Dame skirt, and a pink cardi to brighten it all up a little bit!

When you then compare it with my 'The Day I Got My Mojo Back' outfit, which got a lot of positive reactions on twitter! However, I had forgotten my Thursday rule - it has to be church appropriate as well. And er, well...

The first thing said to me as I was taking off my coat at choir was: No wonder you get so many colds <my face said it all - ???> Your exposed chest.

Oops! So without a scarf, I was stuck with my exposed chest singing Psalms, Ave Maria, Ave Verum etc. Just don't ask me what the Latin actually means!

I think I'll have learnt my lesson now!

At least my clothes mojo seems to have returned as well, although as I'm doing a Sponsored Silence for Macmillan Nurses today, I thought I'd opt for a plain green top (with stickers on to alert the uninformed of my plight!).

Part of my silence is a twitter silence: 9:00 - 17:15 as well as a physical silence!

Much love my lovelies,

K x

Wednesday 15 February 2012

Mistakes by numbers...

In an early blog post, (here) I mentioned that I had made a mix CD, and how someone I wanted to impress had asked me for a CD of 60s goodness. I think I did a good job, but it became the agonising analysis of "What does the mix CD mean?" in my head after I'd handed it over. Now, I'm not saying I'm trying to woo him with CD (well, actually...), just that it's a rather personal thing, a mix CD - I want to make sure each song blends nicely into the next, and that there are peaks and troughs (you don't want a high octane CD, with no break...). So yes, a lot of work goes into the theme, the message etc. Here is my attempt for "The Boy" -
Modern World
      1.        Possibilities                          Frankie & The Heartstrings
2.       Lonely Boy                            The Black Keys 
3.       Nerve Jamming                   Bass Drum Of Death
4.       She's Got Me Dancing         Tommy Sparks
5.       Mirrors                                  Crocodiles 
6.       Little Black Cloud                 Cult Image
7.       The Engine                           Retriever
8.       Your Eyes                             Bombay Bicycle Club
9.       The Look                               Metronomy
10.  You Are Not Stubborn         Two Door Cinema Club
11.    What You Wanted               Spector
12.   On My Own                          Vincent Vincent and The Villains
13.   Oh No                                   10,000 Things 
14.   Month Of May                      Arcade Fire
15.   He's So Fine (cover)             Bass Drum Of Death

Opinions please oh Social Media World! Am I reading too much into this 'Mix CD' thing, or am I putting my heart on my sleeve (so to speak)

Much love my lovelies,
K x

Tuesday 14 February 2012

Lippy lips!!

Oh, I'm not going to mention the day it is today: I think enough of us have mentioned that already today!

But, as a little treat to me on the weekend, I ordered a lovely little gift. I wasn't expecting for it to arrive this soon!

The effects:

Before lipstick (looking rough after work)

After lipstick (smile not provided with the tube!)

I went with the Rockette Red, knowing that my pale skin would need something with the 'blue' (I only know this because the website told me!!

So yes, Rockalily, you've rocked my twitter feed, and my lips! What else you going to rock??

Much love my lovelies,

K x

Monday 13 February 2012

Nautical nuance...

I aimed for comfortable today for work, as I hauled my still under the weather self into the office. So no dress, no tights, and so that limited my choices:

Tee Shirt: Evans - 2009
Jeans: Simply Be S/S 2012
Shoes: ASDA - 2010
Cardigan: Tesco - 2010

Now, I didn't set out to have a nautical feel, but thought the navy went well with the red jeans (which after being washed are a little saggy and not as 'figure hugging' as they were originally). And with the blue shoes, the only option was the navy cardi, obviously!

I was so comfortable just pottering about the office in these that I can't wait for Summer, and ballet pumps without the socks!

So a clear sign the trends come in cirles, and that the nautical hints in this season will help add to my collection - although not overwhelm it: I don't want to go about looking like an extra from the Pirates of Penzance!

Much love my lovelies,

K x

Sunday 12 February 2012

A lucky lass...

Those of you who met me at #pluslondon2, will have met a very passionate woman about the power of a good fitting bra.

At Anna Scholz, we were all stripping down to our underwear to try on the wonderful clothes in fronty of us. And, just like the changing rooms at school, it is hard not too see the aray of bras and bangers in the room... and how many of these bangers are being held in place by too small, too loose, too tight, too big bras? Too many to mention.

Again, at OSP, when trying on clothes for the catwalk, the same became quite clear. One wonderful woman even said: I might not be wearing the right sized bra, but I don't want to find that out years after wearing it. She had a point.

Now, I've been a very lucky lass indeed, for I had this woman:

Now my first bra fitting was at M&S , and from what I remember - 34C at the age of 12... A few more visits and then it was 'we don't have any bras that will fit you'. At the age of 15 to be told that your bangers won't fit into a high street make, disheartening doesn't cover it.

At this point my Mam took the only step she thought that she could and took me to Sadie the Bra Lady. I don't think that I've ever been measured by Sadie herself, but her staff are just as good.

Although, being 15, body conscious, and wanting pretty little bras, Sadie wasn't the best. Or so I thought.

My bangers were always pert, always well supported and although not the prettiest, they did their job!

I did deviate from Sadie once, and went down the route of "Katie Price for Asda George" - enjoyed the molded cup, but not the sizing. I made my way into back to Sadie, tail between my legs, but left feeling slimmer, and more confident - the power of the right fitting bra.
When I hear about most and their experiences at the hands of +4, of bands so slack that they ride up your back, or the wires sit on the breast tissue, or dreaded quadraboob (I'm looking at you Christina Hendrix!).

Now I get measured regularly, buy one very nice bra, and shop with the likes of SimplyYours, BraStop and even eBay!!

I have to say, I have had such a positive banger experience and I know I'm honoured in that.

Thank you Sadie x

Thursday 9 February 2012

Beautiful scars...

A tweet from Ceri got me a thinking - are scars beautiful? Or more important, are MY scars beautiful?

I'm not talking the one on my lip when I went over my handlebars as a child.

I'm talking about my appendix scar mainly. The one that had me on a journey taking me from a 15 year old girl labelled an "attention seeker" to a 25 year old being offered methadone for pain. And the operations in between.

It's be a journey with more downs than ups. Until about 2 years ago that is, when a lesser known NHS department took me in.

My appendix operation itself was a traumatic on for a 13 year old girl: in pain with no explanation. Admitted to hospital at 5am, not operated on til 5pm. About 30min later, and I wouldn't be here now, as my appendix had long since burst. It didn't heal properly. It had to be 'packed' with Iodine soaked bandages (for those who have always wondered, fat looks like jam sandwiches). This went on for about 4 weeks.

And so should have been the end of it. Nope. 2 years later, in year 10, I was in a lot of pain, over the site of my appendix scar. Most thought it was attention seeking behaviour, or a cry for help due to the bullying I was experiencing on a daily basis. After a ultrasound, my Dad and I were called into the consulants office, and told I had two ovarian cysts - one 25cm, one 15cm. I remember looking at my stomach and wondering where I was hiding these HUGE things. Go on, get a ruler, measure them? Yeah, hard to imagine isn't it? We spent a fitful night worrying what the next day would bring. Then when we were ushered into the same room again, we didn't know what to expect from this batch of news. "Erm, we've reviewed the scans again - it turns out the department missed out a decimal point - they are 2.5 and 1.5cm, which is perfectly normal".


This was to be the best thing about my experience with the NHS in 1999 - it got me a referal automatically with Gynae, and a lovely man called Mr Jones. A Welshman (so my Dad was happy) who wanted to know why this girl was in so much pain. A gung-ho surgeon, possibly, but a surgeon who discovered after a laposcopy (you know, where they inflate the stomach, and use cameras to see what is going on, so they don't have to cut you open massively) that I was riddled with scar tissue, which was wrapping itself round my insides. Cue another operation, whereby he tidied up my original scar, and put our minds at rest.

This post could last forever, but I think I'll draw the line here - enough to say I've had 2 laposcopies since, but additional scars as they then 'divided' adhesions while they were in.

The scars have faded, but the 7 years (and counting) of living with chronic pain (for that is the label they've given me), with neopathic pain (where the nerves at my scars are confused and are often cold in the Summer, and hot in the Winter, feel pain when there isn't any, and feel pleasure when there should be pain) and "deep" pain, they show the journey I've been on. I've passed a degree, qualified as a teacher, and had a major career change, all on 40+ tablets a day.

My scars are my medals.

Much love my lovelies,

K x

Tuesday 7 February 2012

Plus London 2

Wow. It's Tuesday and I've still not recovered from my epic weekend in London. No, I don't mean hungover (for those that met me / talked to me / saw me would be surprised to know, I didn't drink!!), I just mean tired and achy and all in all, rather pathetic!

My train was booked for 9am, the Mother volunteered to drive me to the Metro station at 7:30am. I was then left with an hour kicking about in the drafty, but oh so pretty, Newcastle Central Station:

I could have got a coffee (er, helloooooo- #frugalfeb here!) so instead waited patiently for my First Class carriage to arrive! Oh yes, First Class to London for £33 you say? Thanks!!

So, extra leg room, single seat and 2 cups of tea, one bottle of water, one can of diet coke and a Ham Croissant later, I was pulling into Kings Cross having been tweeting like a king!

I thought I was dressed for travelling:

But it turned out my orange dress is blumming warm! Yes, WARM! I spent most of the journey around London too hot for words!! I did however make it to Anna Scholz only 40 mins late (my train arrived when I should have been getting to her studio - I was always going to be late!)

As I walked in the door I was finally able to meet the charming Caroline, and the majestic Mhairi! They were my rock for the entire 21 hours I was in London. I could not have got through the day without them!

They took me on a tour of the studio... well, no, not really, they just took me to the great room where all the clothes were living!! Wow. Just wow. Her collection is well crafted, cut to flatter, and with the most amazing prints! My favourite of the day had to be this dress:

Thanks to Lauren for this photo!
It fits, it highlights, it flows, it does just what you need a dress like this to do! Perfection. 

Other bloggers - archedeyebrowfatsallyreblogtobealive - have blogged about their thoughts on the collection and I can't honestly add anything further. There is still a sense of fun with her prints and her cuts, and I do think I finally need to take the plunge and order some genuine Anna (rather than concessions Anna, working with other companies).

The Q&A was a lovely opportunity to discuss our gripes and our complaints, and hear what Anna and Liz had to say. As usual with the complains about the models being used, the answer is - there aren't (m)any for us to use. 

Also, the conversations about how + ranges are being consigned to the internet, as though they don't want us to leave the house, was certainly a passionate and insightful one. 

But time was pressing on, and us models had somewhere to be! As the offices were somewhere on the other side of London, we had to call the Q&A short, and leave. All the rushing around of earlier, coupled with the heat (yes HEAT) of the tube etc meant I was a little under the weather when we arrived at the office - not helped by the lack of food / drink since the 1st Class Experience. My mood was lifted by water and the promise of pretty clothes to try on. Ummmmmm. Well, once photos emerge of said clothes, I'll let you decide. 

After a rush to get to the hotel in Paddington (from Parsons Green), then back to The Strand at Embankment - losing my ticket along the way - Mhairi and Caroline really did keep me sane! Arriving a little late due to the snow, we were rushed into the tiny room. I wasn't given my clothes, I had to find them. We didn't know what order we were walking in, it was 'Who ever is ready'. We had a carpet with every chance of tripping up over. We hadn't practiced the 'posing', or the 'twirling'. Thankfully the likes of Boombands Em and Caroline's cheering made up for what could have been a rather silent reaction.

8pm and the 'audience' had arrived. I felt like putting a disclaimer out saying we hadn't chosen our own clothes, when really, it was quite clear we hadn't. 

Catwalk over, and it was time to get changed again, back into the swing of the party (please note I'm glossing over the catwalk experience for a reason. Please see this post: Open Letter.

The outfit: now the rubbish blogger that I am, I had forgotten my camera, and was too busy talking to people to take photos at any point during the event. All the credit for this stunning photo goes to Claire (Chief Organising wonder) and her wonderful husband Rob!

Kathryn, Becky (Mrs BeBe) and Gina (of an Eclectic kind)

The dress is the Collectif dress, and the bra is Ewa Michelik. I love her. They got a lot of attention through the night, and I honestly can't wait until more pictures emerge!

I talked to many, introduced myself to some, and generally had a BLAST! I got fitted by Elomi (I had the right sized bra on - but she wanted to check and make sure - very thorough!) and I'm now wearing my free full cupped black bra. Now, it's not to my taste, but sometimes a girl needs a full cup.

Red Bows boutique (a +size vintage specialist) had some stunning pieces, but as I was in the middle of #frugalfebruary, it had to be a no. 

The pop up photo studio was a great addition, and the cupcakes (my only sustenance for the entire night) were to die for! Thank you Wendy Cakes!

The event was great fun, but travel weary and model exhausted (with out the help of the class A drugs, I don't know how they do it!), Mhairi and I were tired, hungry, and hyper at the same time! Off we toddled in the snow to get the tube back to Paddington, in the hope that we found somewhere to eat. SUCCESS! A lovely Italian Roast Dinner awaited us in the restaurant right next to the hotel. Full on roast beef, and excited by the day we had had, we tried on each others clothes, and chatted to the wee small hours. 

Thank you once again to Claire and her team of willing helpers - it was a great success. No sour taste left. Which just shows what an amazing event it was. It meant I could meet some women I'm in awe of, in love with, and in lust over. And some are all three!

Much love my lovelies, 

K x