Sunday 12 February 2012

A lucky lass...

Those of you who met me at #pluslondon2, will have met a very passionate woman about the power of a good fitting bra.

At Anna Scholz, we were all stripping down to our underwear to try on the wonderful clothes in fronty of us. And, just like the changing rooms at school, it is hard not too see the aray of bras and bangers in the room... and how many of these bangers are being held in place by too small, too loose, too tight, too big bras? Too many to mention.

Again, at OSP, when trying on clothes for the catwalk, the same became quite clear. One wonderful woman even said: I might not be wearing the right sized bra, but I don't want to find that out years after wearing it. She had a point.

Now, I've been a very lucky lass indeed, for I had this woman:

Now my first bra fitting was at M&S , and from what I remember - 34C at the age of 12... A few more visits and then it was 'we don't have any bras that will fit you'. At the age of 15 to be told that your bangers won't fit into a high street make, disheartening doesn't cover it.

At this point my Mam took the only step she thought that she could and took me to Sadie the Bra Lady. I don't think that I've ever been measured by Sadie herself, but her staff are just as good.

Although, being 15, body conscious, and wanting pretty little bras, Sadie wasn't the best. Or so I thought.

My bangers were always pert, always well supported and although not the prettiest, they did their job!

I did deviate from Sadie once, and went down the route of "Katie Price for Asda George" - enjoyed the molded cup, but not the sizing. I made my way into back to Sadie, tail between my legs, but left feeling slimmer, and more confident - the power of the right fitting bra.
When I hear about most and their experiences at the hands of +4, of bands so slack that they ride up your back, or the wires sit on the breast tissue, or dreaded quadraboob (I'm looking at you Christina Hendrix!).

Now I get measured regularly, buy one very nice bra, and shop with the likes of SimplyYours, BraStop and even eBay!!

I have to say, I have had such a positive banger experience and I know I'm honoured in that.

Thank you Sadie x

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  1. I remember you raving about your experiences here - your mum has done well! x