Friday 24 February 2012

Prize Creativity!

Well, I know I've been a little quiet on the blog front of late, but all that will change in the coming days / weeks! And that is a promise!

Back in January, FullerFigureFullerBust ran this competition. I was impressed that it wasn't the usual "Follow and RT to enter" affair, which I think works on the smaller blogs (generating traffic that wouldn't normally head your way) but for larger blogs, I feel it is a little manufactured. So a competition that awarded creativity, and had an element of luck too (5 were pulled from the 'hat'), was right up my street!

I sharpened my writing skills, and got to work. My winning entry can be viewed here:

I was lucky enough to win:

Wow! Just WOW!! Blog entries to come re: the prizes I've selected, but that is not what I wanted to share with you all today.

I wanted to show you the entry I'd put in for the 'Design a Bra' competition:

My perfect bra would be adjustable. By that, I mean that it will adjust your size. So girls wanting to be larger would wear this bra for 6 months, and see if it is still something that they want after that period time of not being able to fit into their clothes properly, or being stared at unnecessarily.

Equally, for thos contemplating surgeory to reduce, this bra will do that too. Hopefully to convince both classes of women to love their breasts as they are, indeed, a part of them.

And so, hopefuly, these women will keep the bra, and their breasts. When you need to fit into a dress / shirt, and can't - you'll pull out this faithful old bra, and so you can go to your interview, or to that important meeting, looking the part. Or, if you have a date, or need some confidence (which is what those going into breast augmentation state as their reason for their decision), you'd pull this bra out.

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