Friday 3 February 2012

Dressed for tea

I love tea. And I love dresses. So it is no surprise that the tea dresses that are flooding our shops appeal to that whimsical, girly side of me.

Simply Be had me at 'tea dress'...Add to that the colour purple, and I'm sold:

I love the wintery tones to this, but know I would wear this whatever the weather! The cotton fabric will be breathable in the summer, and will be 'Layerable' in the winter months as well.

Yes, I do feel like this is a little short, but again, the fit of the dress elsewhere tells me it is a keeper!!

The dress feels like it should have ties for around the back, and looks like it should as well, but it doesn't it is just a perfect fit!! The neckline is stunning, and no a 'bingo top' whereby if I bend over to reach something, you can see down the top, as it is close to my skin and stays!

Well done Simply Be, a stunning cut dress in a gorgeous print.

Much love my lovelies,

K x


  1. it looks loverly on you and not too short at all - the colour really suits you. xXx

    1. Thanks pretty lady, I love it! Can't wait to wear it to work next week!


  2. Need. Want. Need. Have to have. Seriously want that dress!!!

  3. Very pretty dress! Love the colour!<3
    I so adore tea dresses..perhaps should start a collection. ^^
    My spring theme might just be *teadresses*...
    mmm..need to do more shopping XD
    Have a luvly day! MMxoxo