Friday, 11 July 2014

Fun Times in London

At the start of the week, I had the pleasure of heading down to London for my filming on The Chase - a UK TV Quiz show on ITV.

It was a super nerve wracking experience, but so much fun! 

For obvious reasons, I can't reveal much from the day itself. Even worse, my phone / camera / DS was taken off me straight away, meaning I haven't got many photos from the day itself (other than a signed picture of Bradley, as well as a picture of the Chaser I was up against!). It was AWFUL not being able to check my phone throughout the day, and Instagram EVERYTHING!

Once I got home at 10pm, I did manage to snap a quick snap of the outfit combination:

Prom Dress from Simply Be (Gifted)
LMD Cardigan (no longer available)

Which was super comfortable and clashing - perfect!

I had my makeup on on the day, and multiple reapplications during filming as my glasses were steaming up, and makeup sliding off my face under the lights!

Bradley was super lovely, and we were all made to feel wonderfully at home and supported throughout the process. 

My episode won't be on until early next year, but don't worry, I'll let you all know when you can catch me on the telly!

Much love my lovelies, 

K x

Sunday, 6 July 2014

South Tyneside Summer Festival and GirlGuidingUK

After a bit of a traumatic Friday night, I dusted myself off and headed out to South Shields Town Hall for the Catherine Cookson Festival (not called that any more, but shhhhh). The festival is meant to mark the start of the summer activities in the town, with a parade down Fredrick Street and along Ocean Road to the Seafront. It ends at Bents Park, where there is a funday waiting to start, with stalls and activities and bands, to kick of the Summer with style!

I was met by 8 of my 12 Brownies, and we joined a sea of yellow (off set with Red for Rainbows and Navy Blue for Guides and Guiders!), and off we marched!

It was, this year more than most, an honour to march through crowds (sometimes 3 deep), and hearing them turn and comment as to how many Brownies there were, or how much yellow.

My little pack has a waiting list to join. As does my Mam's. More and more girls want to join our movement, but we simply don't have the leaders to support it. 

If you, or your daughter, want to join, either as a unit helper, or thinking of becoming a warranted Guider, visit the Girl Guiding website. 

Much love my lovelies, 

K x

Friday, 4 July 2014

Joe Browns for Fashion World

Joe Browns have always something in that appeals to the alternative teenager in me, the vintage loving 20-something, and the nearly 30 but DON'T CARE in me!

When the lovely folks at FashionWorld offered me some items to review, the Joe Browns section was my first port of call!

Yes, you see right, I CHOSE JEANS!

And what jeans they are too!

Good bum coverage, they sit high on my waist (but roomy!), and a good length for my odd height! I went for size 22, but with 31" length - happy days!


I also picked up the beaut that is this owl print tunic:

Are owls really super heroes in masks and capes?

Maggie the Photo-bombing cat certainly approves!

I opted for this Vintage Tea Dress too, mainly for the print, but also as the bodice appeared to be rather structured in the photo:

When I pulled it on, I felt I had worn the dress before:

So it's the same cut, but a different print! Happy days!

To add to my stash, I picked up this bright crinkle jersey shirt, thinking it would be lush with jeans, or with a pair of straight legged trousers. Due to the weather recently I've not worn this yet, but I'm rather looking forward to the weather turning so I can throw it on and bring some colour into the office!!

But when I was out at the Simply Be store in the Metro Centre, I couldn't resist buying this Colourful Coral 50s too:

Joe Browns have something for everyone. For my androgynous teen, to my flirty femme persona now, I feel the brand covers the alternatives to mainstream fashion rather well!

Much love my lovelies, 

K x

Monday, 30 June 2014

Fat, Femme and Formal

Outfit first conceived in the 
Simply Be store in the MetroCentre

Sometimes an outfit just sits in your wardrobe, waiting for the perfect occasion to throw it on and be awesome in it. 

Sometimes that occasion never comes, and your clothes are sad. 

This time though, I thought PAH! And just threw on the awesome clothes for the office this morning.

It is a pastely, floral, lace, summer assault on the eyes. It is a mix match of print, material and styles, but I love it!

I've been lusting after the Look skirt since I first spotted it, but I am so glad I tried it instore first, as this is the 26 for comfort at the hips. 

I paired it with the Alice and You Lace Shell top out of changing room convenience - so I could try two items on and go out to show the fit on them both, without being topless or bottomless! And ended up LOVING the combination.

I often hear those with short hair struggle with their femininity - I actually find it the other way round. I find it very easy to be feminine with the shorter hair, as I feel the two balance each other out, whereas if I go for a bit of a slouchy outfit, I feel I lose my femme edge. 

What am I prattling on about? Outward showings of gender identity are going to be always a complicated area to bring into the blogging arena, but when the baring my unshaven legs (not as an act of rebellion, more as an act of comfort!) did not cause the world to end, when I blogged about it a few weeks ago, I thought I would venture into this a little bit more!

So, fat, femme and formal seemed to sum up my style today, and the office hardly blinked an eye!

Just remember: Like Clothes, Wear Clothes!

Much love my lovelies,


Sunday, 29 June 2014

Suits You - Felicity Hart

The premise to this challenge is style, to trawl through gorgeous pictures of lush bloggers and then go on a hypothetical shopping trip for them! Simple and so much fun!

For our first month, I have the beautifully ethereal Felicity to style. 

Her blog is full of pastels and florals and pretty dresses. The above dress gave me an idea for something a little bit different:

What do you think? A etheral gothic Felicity?

I was lovingly styled by Steph this month - go have a look, as I'd love to know what you think!

The other wonderful ladies who are styling each other are:

Much love my lovelies,

K x

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Simply Be Store Revisited

I've written about the lovely staff and selection at the Simply Be store in the Metro Centre before, but felt I needed to revisit the store and it's wonderful staff - it had simply been too long!

I was met by the lovely Ruth, who I knew from past shopping sprees in store, that was a great enabler, and I was not wrong!!

With a rack full of clothes ready to try on, I headed into their boudoir style changing rooms, and fell in love with the above Ax Paris skater dress. I've seen it on a number of other gorgeous ladies, and knew that if the lace sat right, the dress would be a strong addition to my wardrobe. It looks right at home!

They only had a couple of items left from the Look range, but jumped (sorry) at the chance to try the jumpsuit:

I'm squatting a little in this to give the impression of good length but too short in the leg and the body unfortunately.


The Look skirt paired with the Alice and You crop top, which is the cutest combination I've stumbled upon in a while! If you're interested in the skirt, SIZE UP! I ended up with the 26, and in the 22 for the crop top.

Ruth wonderfully persuaded me to try this 2 in 1 dress:

WHich really didn't look that great on the hanger, but the green caught my eye.

And I'm rather glad she did! This is also sat in my wardrobe!

Oh, neon floral print lantern skirted, sweetheart neckline of clubbing dreams!! On the website, it is a much more muted colour scheme, but in real life, it is just a beaut:

So much so, I made Ruth try it on too and look babely in it. I resist the calls of this dress this time, but who knows how long I'll last!!

This Alice and You Swing Dress could not be resisted though. And I am so glad it is sat in my wardrobe right now - imagine with biker jacket and boots in winter, or just as it is with a collar necklace. See, just a corker!

Other than the Ax Paris dress, and maybe the Look skirt, none of these would have made it into my online basket, but here? In store? So much easier to try on, to swap for different sizes, order in EVERY COLOUR, and get opinions (if the magic mirror is working). 

Ruth, and all the staff, were so welcoming and supportive and encouraging, and 2 years after they opened, I still recognise most of the staff - quite an achievement!

If in doubt, head to the store!

Much love my lovelies,

K x

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Bare Legs - A How To Guide

I've been a big promoter of "See Clothes, Wear Clothes", in a F**k Flattering, F**k the Fashion Rules kinda way. 

I do understand these things are not as simple for others though. I work in a small office (about 100 staff on our floor), and I would class this as a safe place for me. Baring my arms over the past few weeks as the weather got warmer was not something I thought about. I was hot, I took off my cardigan. 

I know that I am privileged in feeling safe to do this. 

When it came to this week, as the heat seemed to ramp up yet again, it was time for my war on the tights! As in, they were put away for a few days. 

I have never shaved my legs, and as a natural blonde, I have never felt I needed to. Again, a place of privilege, I know, but my bare legs are not a silky smooth feat of epilated effort, but from throwing some lovely smelling moisturiser on every day. 

Hell Bunny dress from Hello Holiday - reviewed here
They are pasty white. I've an 'English Rose' complexion, so white is my default colour!

Lemon print dress from Simply Be
I have a tattoo of an owl on my ankle. No f**ks given though.

Happy TShirt from Look for Simply Be reviewed here
Collectif Liesel Skirt reviewed here
The only thing that concerns me about the 'bare legged' outfit is the dreaded chub rub. I've seen a number of things out there to help, including shorts. Erm, I wanna be cooler with bare legs, not add MORE layers thanks!

Yours Clothing dress reviewed here
I reached for my anti chafe balm on Monday, and accidentally applied my strong deodorant (saved for extreme heat waves), and liberally applied. And it works just as well as the balm. Good to note, I'm sure you'll agree, that Mitchum roll on stick works too!

If you feel comfortable and safe to go bare legged, go for it you gorgeous lot! Start small and know you're awesome for trying.

Much love my lovelies, 

K x