Thursday, 16 April 2015

Falling for Lady Voluptuous

Back in February, right at the start of my spending ban, the fantastic plus size range for Lady Vintage London launched, aptly called Lady Voluptuous

In their own words: Lady Voluptuous is the UK's first dedicated Plus Size Vintage Clothing label and is proud to be Made in London, England. Lady Voluptuous was created in collaboration with Georgina Horne, from the blog Fuller Figure Fuller Bust.

I've been a supporter of Lady Vintage London since they first launched, and rocked their swing dresses for all I was worth! I remember talking Georgina through what style of dress to order, and pointing her in the direction of the Hepburn. The rest is history, and I can't think of a better pairing of Lady V and Georgina, and if Lady Voluptuous is their first borne, I can't wait to see what they produce together next!

I digress!

Lady Voluptuous is now synonymous with the beauts that are Debz and Lucia:


Why Debz and Lucia? Because they represent what makes Lady Voluptuous extra special - that they go up to a size 32. Not only that, but the sizes at the top end of the spectrum were the ones that sold out first! Showing that if you build it (or sew it, in this case), they will come!

When I finally got round to placing an order, I knew the Lyra would be the dress for me - not only because the His Dark Materials trilogy is one of my favs - but because the tea dress is a classic shape missing from my wardrobe! I've got body con, skater, but no tea dresses! 

I opted for the 22-24, and it is a perfect fit, hugging my waist (with the tie pulled as tight as I can get it), and skimming everything else.

It is also one of the only wrap dresses where I don't think I'll need to pin / sew it shut. It is a perfect fit for my 36JJ bust.

The Lyra comes in an assortment of colours, and I opted for the jade to start with, but I was tempted by the navy, which may well be my next purchase, but to be honest, I want one in every colour:

This dress may seem a wardrobe staple, but it's a dress I've been hunting for - and that Lady Voluptuous have been the first to deliver!

Much love my lovelies, 

K x

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Temple Spa

Temple Spa and the day my skin care routine GREW UP!

I've always thought I was a good human when it came to removing my make up. I used to be team make up wipes, and slowly graduated to supermarket cleanser and toner. 

I saw the benefits to moving away from wipes, but it was the TIME. I just couldn't face sitting at my makeup table when I could be in bed with a makeup wipe and be done with it!

I nearly fell of the routine bandwagon, and back into the wipe habit, but then a Temple Spa party saved me!

This was a few months back, but I'm still going with the products I'd snapped up, but more on those later!

It wasn't so much a party, as an education with added facial! 

If I'd thought about it, I should have gone makeup free, or at least been willing to remove it all and fully benefit from Carly's experience and expertise!

After doing a skin survey (I'm oily and combination, but with a tendency to be more oily) we then got to try all the products which were tailored to our particular skin / problem areas (HELLO T-Zone). 

It was at this point I discovered and fell in love with the Moisture Matte which acts as a primer to stop my makeup sliding off my face, and makes it so strokeable! It's just like velvet!

The Dual Act cleanser (which I have only used on dry skin before bed, not yet done anything adventurous with it!), coupled with the Toning Essence fully removes makeup and dirt before bed, and smell so refreshing and CLEAN!

Although, as Temple Spa has been put together by the people who started Virgin Vie, I'm not surprised it smells so good! 

I've been a bit of a disorganised mess over the past few weeks (months?!) and not even managed to fit in a relaxing bath, which means I've not yet tried the Purification Scrub (like a vacuum for pores, apparently!), but if the other 3 products are anything like this one, I'll be signed up to Temple Spa for life! 

Our party was a showcase for their facial range, but we also got a taste (or rather smell) of some of their other ranges, and their candles are definitely next on my list!

I got this package for £64 as part of a multi-buy deal, but the difference in my face and reduced amount  of breakouts means it's worth it!

Much love my lovelies, 

K x

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Reluctant Chef Seeks Easy Recipe

After my amazing day with Joe Bloggers a month or so ago, my ears pricked up when an email came through from the lovely Rachel asking if I wanted to be involved with their latest blogger challenge!

With their last challenge having me tapping into unknown (and rightly undeveloped) sewing skills, I was interested to see what the latest one would push me to do.

"I want you to cook up the 'Taste of Newcastle," she said.

"No problem," I said.

My kitchen may be the one room where I get a little house proud about, but I certainly don't really cook there. I heat things up. I put the oven on. But if I have to assemble things? Oooh, step too far that! 

No. I'll do this I thought, might bring something out of me. Or, you know, be a funny blog post to write!

Rachel arranged for the ingredients to be sent over, and I was bowled over by the AMOUNT OF STUFF:

It sure was nice to have a full fridge of COLOUR for a day or two!

So, I began! And straight away had to check Google to see what 'Blanch' meant, as I was sure it was a character in Coronation Street! Ahhh, so boiling and cooling the asparagus. In salt. Ah. I didn't have any salt, but that was okay, the asparagus turned out lovely in the end, so no salt required!

With that task tackled, I turned to finely dicing the onion. I drew blood, I cried (onions man, THE ONIONS), but the onions were diced, as fine as I could get them, and 'sweated' in a saucepan. My interpretation of sweated was closer to burnt, but I like the charred taste it added so we're good!

I added the peas, but forgot to defrost them first, so quickly through in the cream, in the hope that would help heat the peas up... 

When I realised the cream was boiling, I had flashbacks to episodes of Master Chef and Bake Off and the word curdled echoed in my mind! QUICK! OFF THE HEAT!

Phew. Now what? 

The next step involved the assembly of the newly borrowed food processor which the parents hadn't even taken out of it's box yet!! I was running out of space in my small kitchen and resorted to storing things by throwing them into the other room (in this case, the empty box) - Perhaps should have done this prior to starting this all off, but never mind!

The recipe had the onion, pea and cream mix being blitzed in the food processor to a puree. YES! Status engineer achieved as I had assembled correctly, and it all was mixed perfectly!

And that was the cooking bit finished. The rest of the recipe could basically say 'Put the rest of the ingredients on a plate'

I opted for the rustic look:

In comparison with Chef's:

However, it more than passed the taste test! I now know how to cook asparagus, I know how to make a delicious pea puree too!

I have one question:

Where was I meant to put the mint?!

Much love my lovelies, 

K x

Monday, 23 March 2015

A Jean Style For Everyone

If you've been in a social media sabatical, I'll forgive you - otherwise - where have you been?!

This weekend saw the launch of the 7 Bloggers competition - for your chance to win one of the 7 Style of Jeans shown above, all you have to do, is tweet with the following hashtags.

By rights I should be asking you all to vote for my jean type, but I can't bring myself to do it! All the jeans (and the women wearing them) are amazing for different reasons! So make your choice, tweet your favourite style of jean, and be in a chance of winning a pair!

1 - Bootcut - #evejeansgirl

That's me! Look, in all my glory! Wearing the long length, and looking rather short next to Em does make the jeans look a tad too long for me, but I'd rather a too long jeans leg than a too short one!

2 - Skinny - #chloejeansgirl

The gorgeous Em, looking super stylish in her skinny jeans.

3 - Flared - #phoebejeansgirl

The agile Steph, with her jumps (HOW HIGH!?) and perfect flared jeans - I had a pair of these from before the campaign was even mooted about - and I wish I'd got the longer length jean here too.

4 - High Waisted Skinny - #lucyjeansgirl

Another Steph, this time wearing the high waisted skinny, which I'd be interested to try myself - looking very sultry in the middle of us!

5 - Wide Legged - #pixiejeansgirl

Shali, the giggler of us all, judging by the photos of the day, killed it in the wide legged jeans - which looked perfect teamed with her platform boots.
6 - Relaxed Skinny - #sadiejeansgirl

Hollie, the beautiful sweet Hollie looked BANGING in the relaxed skinny, whether they were turned up or left down.

7 - Boyfriend Jeans - #chelseajeansgirl

Mrs Casual herself, Becky, was the perfect choice for the boyfriend jean, and, with their added element of distressed knee, would be a great addition to any wardrobe.

So, don't choose Eve Jeans because I've asked you to, choose any of the above jeans because you want to win them!

Get tweeting, sharing your love of #sbdenim and this amazing campaign

Much love my lovelies, 

K x 

Friday, 20 March 2015

I'm an #EveJeanGirl

The day is here! 

After the teaser video above was launched a few weeks back, it's been rather quiet on the #sbdenim front - until today!

Today the 6 lovely bloggers and myself, endorse a jean style from Simply Be's Denim hub

The humble bootcut.

The jean we were told in the late 90s balanced out our hips, and became the go to denim of choice for thousands!

I feel it's fallen from favour a little, instead we reach for the boyfriend, or the skinny, or the jegging. 

But the bootcut has it's place too. 

Teamed with a simple and sexy bardot top, you'd have a classic look:

Or how about going a little statement, a little out of your comfort zone perhaps, with a bold colour:

But you have the feeling of comfort with your faithful bootcut jean - it's like they're a fashion gateway into more adventurous dressing!

So my lovelies, are you an #EveJeansGirl?

Much love, 

K x

Denim with a Twist

The words "denim jacket" always bring to mind the same shape to me - the classic shape:
Which is great for the cool summer nights, but I'm in the market for a transition jacket - one that is lightweight but a little bit more practical. 

This Parka by Curvissa hit all the right boxes in what I was looking for - a hood, longer length, but still lightweight and summer-y. 

The new denim collection by Curvissa is more of the same - taking classic ideas, and giving it a bit of a twist - from the pinafore dress to the denim trenchcoat!

Teamed with a summer tunic, I opted for the double denim look, with my bootcut jeans:

I opted for this coat in a 24, as my sizing experience with Curvissa was a little hit and miss, and I have to say I feel it's little tight to wear with layers, but with this lightweight tunic and jeans, I feel it's just about right!

There is a zip fastening which goes the length of the jacket, but by just fastening the press studs I managed to avoid the bunching at the knees! 

While I see me wearing this open more than anything, as that way I can show off what I'm wearing underneath, it is nice to know that I actually can fasten it to no great sacrifice to style or looks should I need to!

Thanks to the Curvissa team for allowing me to take this collection for a test run! See what the other ladies chose of the new Denim Collection:

Much love my lovelies, 

K x

I was gifted this item, but my views are my own

Blogger Love

Today, the plussize blogger community have come together in an amazingly positive way - thanks to the wonderful Debz for being our rallying cry - and today, the 20th March, is the day to share the blogger love!

I wanted to share my WOWness over the beautiful Abi (hence the different blog logo above ^):

Abi killing it in this prom dress

Looking Mmmmmm in Monochrome

And what is better?



So, go on a following spree, check out Abi's social media buttons and support the #psbloggerlove on social media 

Much love my lovelies, 

K x

EDIT - the lovely Vicky F has written her piece today on me, and made me very emotional x