Tuesday 31 December 2013

Bringing in the New Year

Last year I was round at a friend's house for a house party. It involved curry, champagne and necklace making. 

The year before, I was sat in my parents sitting room feeling very very sorry for myself. 

This year, I am sat in my house (the old cupboard under the stairs to be exact), having planned all along to spend this evening here. 

It is my second NYE as a home owner, but the first spent here. It feels right, sitting here, explaining my plans to you all. 

I'm wearing this dress right now, because, if I had been going out somewhere, it would have been my dress of choice:

The initial trying on photo - with the belt that came with it
And now, as I'm staying in, eating fish and chips, ginger cake and cream, and some Thornton's Chocolates - no belt was the best option!
What is this dress?

It was bought from company called Hello Holiday who I happened across on twitter thanks to Sian, Rachel and Em. The cuteness of their website just screamed at me, and I knew I had to place an order!

Their plus size section (found under the heading "Va-Va-Voom!) is filled with interesting prints, cuts and designs. It is refreshing to see a new website, with different stock! It might just be in the UK, but when you can buy the same clothes in different stores, it becomes very 'samey' very quickly!

As well as this dress:

I picked up this top:

And, sadly, these shoes:

Which I ordered in my US size 10, but their straps came no where close to closing around my ankles, and my feet spilled over the sides. They'll be heading to eBay in a few months time. 

A question I've been asked all day: why am I getting all dressed up though? Because, I want to start 2014, in a great outfit - start as I mean to go on hey!

Tonight, I have this man for company:


And this blanket for snuggles:

What more can I ask for?

Have a wonderful New Year's Eve everyone, and I wish you all the very best!

Much love my lovelies, 

K x

Tuesday 24 December 2013

This Christmas

Before all the 'Christmas Haul' posts appear, as they are bound to in the coming days, I wanted to share something with you. 

Something that I've been slowly developing over the past year. 

My home.

I have been very lucky to be in a position to buy my own home, and with the help of the Bank of Mam and Dad (and again, I know just how lucky I am to have been able to rely on their support), transform my house from this, to what I have the pleasure of sitting in right now.

I moved out back in August, and only just moved in last week. Pieces of furniture I have owned for over a year were finally put to full use:

And in fact, those Ikea bookshevles had been in the loft since I moved back from Leeds in 2006!!

This chair settee was spotted at my local Briish Heart Foundation furniture store and fits right in:

And the leather suite was kindly donated by Kaye, again over a year ago now, but finally has a home!

Now that my back sitting room is sorted, I'm thinking of calling it my den! My telly is in my sitting room, but the den, well, the place of music, books and my computer. 

What does this have to do with Christmas?

I don't deserve anything else. Or rather, I feel I don't need / deserve anything else. I had my friends round for afternoon tea on Sunday, and it was such a pleasure sharing my home with them. 

So this Christmas, anything else is just amazing and above what I expect. 

I am sharing this with you, as an invite into my home for those who can't visit, and because I want to show just how much hard work and perseverance pays off. 

Merry Christmas you lovelies, 

K xx

Friday 20 December 2013

Christmas Treats

My biggest treat this festive period has been the fact I've finally been able to move back into my little house. I had to move out in August for building work and damp proofing, and only just got back in.

I've been lucky to be off work this week (pre planned for Christmas preparation) which worked out really well for moving in and getting settled. 

So my instagram feed has been full of the little developments, and once things are finally sorted I will be showing you all the transformation! Until then, I wanted to share with you the treat that was last night!

Sounds enticing, doesn't it!

Firstly, I managed to score a Yankee Candle Advent Calender in the Sale, so have a bit of a stock pile of the various festive scents! Last night was time for the White One (which I think was the Marshmallow One. Or maybe the Snow One. It's hard to tell!)

I had also been lucky to win a gel manicure from the lovely CUTEicles (like her Facebook page here)! 

I've never had gels done before, so I was a little bit of a novice! 

Rachel was lovely, and quickly set to work in my kitchen:

She had the fancy lamp thing, and after the hard task of choosing the nails, she set to work!

I am absolutely bowled over by the end result:

So cute and Christmassy, and not something I would have been able to do myself. It was lovely to be pampered in my own home, and so nice to just natter away. 

This is certainly something I'd think of getting done on a regular basis - and heading into my sitting room afterwards, it was just filled with the sweet smell of White (I really don't know what scent it was - they need some kind of sticker on the bottom!)

Much love my lovelies, 

K x

Friday 13 December 2013

National Christmas Jumper Day!

Most days, you'll find have been attributed to some object or other. Be it National Sandwich Day, or Ice Cream Week (every week is Ice cream week in my opinion!!) you just can't get away from it. 

And today is no different. 

Today is National Christmas Jumper Day. And the social media teams for companies vaguely related to jumpers or clothes will be spouting out about their's being the perfect jumper for National Christmas Jumper Day.

Except this is slightly different. This is a day with a heart. 

Wear a Christmas Jumper today to work, and you'll probably be asked for £1. Huh? Eat a sandwich on National Sandwich Day and you're not pestered for money! How does this work??

It works because this 'day' is an initiative of Save The Children, and that £1, or whatever you can afford, will go towards making a difference. A quick search on their website tells me:

Reach £95 and you could pay for a midwife’s training to help ensure babies are delivered safely in the poorest parts of the world.

So 95 Christmas Jumpers can make a massive difference. 

At this point in the office, I'd be slumped down in my chair hiding, hoping I don't get asked to join in. But not this year!

The fabulous team at Simply Be have a wide range of jumpers to choose from:

£40 Fairisle Jumper

£35 Kiss Me Jumper

£40 Mitten Jumper

I was smitten with with mitten jumper!

I had visioned wearing it tucked into one of my circle skirts (most likely the red) but when it arrived, I happened to try it with my Peaches Jeans:

And can you tell I'm happy with it? Haha, I love it with the jeans for a more relaxed look, but I'm looking forward to trying it with my red skirt!

Not only a great jumper, but being worn for a great cause!

Much love my lovelies,

K x

This item was gifted to me to review but my views are my own

Tuesday 10 December 2013

The Secret Thing

About this time last week I was fretting about a #SecretThing I was working on, and how it would come out in the end!

I then received a lovely apologetic email to explain that I wouldn't be needed, but that I could have the images used so far, and some of the research that had been carried out.

It was to be a dating related feature! I know, I know, I said I was waiting for something to come along naturally, but when offered free advice from a dating 'guru' - I was intrigued!!

"Sounds like Kathryn has it all except the man! I recommend she carries on being herself. She shouldn't worry about people being intimidated by her confidence and bubbly personality. Would she really want a partner that was intimidated by her anyway? She should look out for new opportunities to chat to people and when she likes one, she should show she is interested and try to prolong the conversation. Often girls walk away before they have found the confidence to ask for their number!

I was shocked! I had honestly expected to be told to play down my confidence, or achievements, and to play the docile girl role. I was impressed!

Originally we were going down to London, but due to something called 'Christmas'? our schedules just did not match up. So it was decided that a photographer would come to me. There would also be a hair and makeup artist too. This relaxed me a little, as the thought of one on one with a photographer was a little intimidating! 

Sadly, due to communication breakdowns, she wasn't able to make it - so a comb through my post work hair, and a smearing of red lipstick later, and I was in front of the camera.

I had a blast! I honestly did. Considering I'd just met them, it was a great atmosphere, and rather fun, if not surreal! 

 But, if I'm honest, the fact that it was after these images were sent to their editor that I was told I've been removed from the feature, makes me think that the two are connected. Whether they are or aren't mind, the images are HILARIOUS! 

Sadly, I've been asked to only use them for personal use, not for republication. And if my understanding of blogging and copyright law is correct, this falls into the 'republication' section.

So I can't share them here, unfortunately. Instead, here is the outfit BEFORE I spent the day in work in it:

 Hopefully next time, things come together, and we are able to so the finished article! 

Much love my lovelies, 

K xx

Thursday 28 November 2013

Happy 2 Years Blogging to MEEEE!

Hello you lovely, gorgeous lot! 

The eagle eyed amongst you, will have realised that this little section of the internet has been poorly sick recently. I've been trying to transfer over to to celebrate 2 years, and it's not going well! So I've returned to this address instead so I can offer you all this:

To celebrate my wonderful two years here, I've got this beauty from to giveaway:

Now, I'll tell you, I have been SO VERY TEMPTED to keep this delight for myself, but if you do the following, it could be yours, along with some lovely little extras!

Good luck my lovelies!

Much love, 

K x

Thursday 7 November 2013

Tough Girl Act

In this post, I talked about adding a leather biker type jacket to the outfit to take it into the winter months. 

I then couldn't get the idea of a leather biker jacket out of my head. 

I trawled plus size fashion sites for a number of options. There are some beauties out there, but I rather liked the dual texture of this from Fashion World:

The (p)leather detail on the shoulders and the tops of the arms of the jackets nodded to the biker jacket trend, without screaming "I'm wearing a biker jacket" at the world!

The cut of the jacket is what I would expect from the biker style, and the short Grandad type collar also piqued my interest. 

How did it look on? Well:

Worn with my Chambray dress, and a pair of dolphins (Submariner emblem) from my Dad. 

Worn here with a swing dress and black jeans.

Now with my Collectif skirt and tee combination. 

Just because it is a 'biker' jacket, with (p)leather accents, doesn't mean I have to alter my entire wardrobe. I still wear it with pretty dress:

And I'll be honest, I happily wear it to the office, regardless of the type of dress day it happens to be!

I'm wearing the 22, as with winter jackets you want the extra room for layers, and maybe a scarf - and with just a cardigan under this, the jacket is a little tight over the bust. I can fasten the zip fully, don't get me wrong - I just prefer it have it half fastened at the moment!!

The sleeves do come up a little shorter than I like on me, but as the winter draws in, I'll be rocking fingerless gloves with this anyway, so my wrists won't be exposed for long!!

For my first step into this style of jacket, I am a happy fattie with this!!

Much love my lovelies, 

K xx

This item was donated to me to review, however, this does not impact my views :)

Wednesday 23 October 2013

Shapes and conformity

When I started this little blog of mine, I struggled with finding clothes that 'flattered' me. My focus was on well fitting, flattering clothes. I then shifted over to more fashion forward looks, and the fit idea was something I was willing to be sacrificed in order for 'fast fashion'. I am young (ish), it was my peroragitve!!

I have now moved further along my journey, and I wear what I want, how I want. My opinion is if it offends anyone, that is their problem, not mine. 

When I was emailed a few months back, offering a shape analysing service, I was bored and thought: "Why not!" 

I popped over to Marisota's shape website, and found it was more than a shape analyser, it was an insight into body perception. 

I was only one shape off with my body perception v body reality. This wasn't too ground breaking for me, but my interest was piqued. 

Shape wise, I am a clear hourglass. 

Or so I thought. 

See, hour glass. 

But, after outting in my vital statistics, I faced with a surprising fact. 

I am pear. I was shocked. I was stunned.

I had hidden behind the idea that I was an hourglass since I had started my blog. Before even. 

It has taken til now for me to put my thoughts about this change on the screen. 

Has it changed how I dress? No, not really - I wear more trousers maybe, but other than that, it hasn't had much impact. I still rock a belt. I still have my boobs out. But I actually agree. I am a pear. 

A busty pear, with some hour glass delusions, but definitely pear. 

But this is where shape 'ology' becomes a little muddy. For some people, starting their fat acceptance journey, a nice detour into a flattering world, but a world of DO wear this and DON'T wear that, and hide this, highlight that. Some people come out of the other side of this detour, and carry on with the notion of wearing what they want. But some don't, some stay entrenched in it. 

I don't want to hide any part of my fat body, not my tummy, or my arse or my chest. It is all me. It tells a story. And so does yours. 

Wear what you want to, how you want to. No one has a right to judge you for that, other than yourself.

Much love my gorgeous lovelies, 

K x

Monday 21 October 2013

The 60s Shift Dress

This dress. 

I saw it on the Simply Be website and knew I would need to try this beauty, to see if the bib detail (which looked like the button detail stretched to the waist) would work on my bust. 

I'll be honest, I was also suspicious that the material would be more on the polyester end of the scale, and wanted to check that out too!

It arrived when I was in Turkey (which was sad as I wanted it to be one of my options for the Turkish weather) and I actually only got round to trying it on on Sunday.

Once it was one though, it was was ON! I wore it briefly to go shopping with Mam, and then to work today. 

(Yes, I know, still at my Mam's, with no full length mirror, I am sorry)

This is the type of dress 22 year old Kathryn would have LOVED. She would have worn it dancing, and fitted perfectly into the 60s aesthetic. 

And I felt amazing trotting about the office in it today. Bare arms be DAMNED!

And okay, so the cut of the dress is not really a shift dress, but the print, and the style is enough for this Mod!

The bib detail is a great little addition, and I can't tell you the last time I wore a collar buttoned up to the neck! 

I paired this with my trusty tights from Tesco, and my lovely new loafers from the Wide Fit section of New Look.

This Simply Be dress is now £28, and these shoes are now £12 - go grab yourself a bargain!

Much love my lovelies, 

K x

Thursday 3 October 2013

The Printed Trouser

I know I am late to this party, but I have found the ones for me!!

I've been looking for a good printed trouser for well over a year now. Probably since I saw the likes of Bethany at Arched Eyebrow rock them last winter! My slow rise in confidence has now meant I was ready to try a pair for myself. 

I headed over to Simply Be, safe in the knowledge I could find some trousers there. And there I did (now reduced to £20):

Okay, so what is so great about them?

I orsdered them in a 22, hoping they would be enough to contain my bum!

Which in itself is not an achievement, but note the good fit on my thighs as well...? Yeah, that is the very reason I fell for these trousers - HARD!

I wore these for two days in the office, and they held up (literally at my waist the whole day) and they didn't develop a sag or any other little niggles. 

I paired them with my loafers from ASDA:

And my 'Bespoke' top from Simply Be:

And with my skater dress from New Look Inspire:

So yes, I went safe, pairing these with a plain black top, but at the moment I have a limited wardrobe so I'm working with what I have access too!

I'd love to try it with something white, or with a slight pattern on of it's own. 

These trousers, called "curtains" by someone in the office, are a new favourite, and if I'd known the weather in Izmir would have been this cool, I would have made the effort to pack them! Still, two weeks apart from them makes my heart grow stronger :)

So, if like me, you wanted to try your bootie in print, then you can't go far wrong with these beauties!

Much love my lovelies, 

K x

Monday 23 September 2013

Mulberry Treats*

I do like to imagine what I would spend an imagined lottery win on. What I would treat myself to if I was to coming into an imagined windfall. 

I am starting to think now, as I'm approaching 30, that I need to think about growing up. About saving up. About paying more into my pension. About looking more like the career woman I am. 

So these two came together (the treats and the respectable 29 year old worrying about turning 30), when I was browsing the John Lewis website. I was looking for inspiration, swooning over fashion I couldn't fit into, and dreaming of interior decor I may own someday. 

Then I saw this:


And I was distracted into looking at the Mulberry collection at John Lewis. I've never classed myself as an IT Bag type of gal - I classed my satchel as an investment piece! - but the muted tones, coupled with the versatility of the bags themselves had me studying the range with an renewed interest.

Ooooh, the earth tones and the simple but recognisable logo! This purse meets all of my Grown Up needs, according to the website:

  • Popper closure
  • 6 business or credit card slots
  • 2 internal compartments
  • 1 internal zipped compartment

But I have to say, I am a tactile girl when it comes to my leather goods. I like to touch, to smell the leather (if I was to have a favourite smell, it would probably be the smell of GOOD leather). I like to open the items, see just how much space I would have to play with!

So if I ever was to make this level of investment purchase, it would be instore. And after careful consideration!

However, it wouldn't stop me from perving on - sorry, perusing - the website and imagining my luck was in and my lottery numbers were the lucky ones!

Much love my lovelies, 

K x

* Sponsored Post

Sunday 15 September 2013

Plus North - The Good Stuff Part 2

Not only did I have the pleasure of modelling during the day, I was asked by the lovely team at Scarlett & Jo to model in their evening catwalk. 

Whereas the day time catwalk was about our own hair and makeup (although if we wanted to, there was a team of MUA to help us out), the evening show had the theme of Hollywood glamour, and a team of 3 MUA to work their magic. 

MrsBeBe looking effortlessly glamorous, oozing sex appeal.

There was a lot of waiting around, either for there to be a slot free with the MUAs, or waiting for our hair to set, or just waiting. This was a bless though, as it meant I got to spend quality time with the beauties that were my fellow models:

Now, any normal social situation, that involved me sitting there with no make up on, and surrounded by ladies I've admired for a great while, would have had me retreat into a bubble - but this bunch of beauties? Well:

When my dress for the evening wasn't enough to contain my boobs, I tried a little improvisation to sort out the problem:

Using an ear stud - but this wasn't enough for the chief designer, so a quick tacking and it was all fixed!

Now, Hollywood glamour, to me, means soft waves, or pin up style rolls, not really much they can do with my short hair:

Ooooh, I was wrong! I felt very Chicago-esque with my sleeked down hair and red lips. I was set!!

My 'twin' Rachel, my vision Elena, and fiery redhead Kaye

I loved meeting the gorgeous Kim, and spending some time with Emma, as well as a chance to chat properly with Betty, from Pamper and Curves. I first met her at the main event, but as I was begging her for a favour, I wanted to make a better 2nd impression!

Rachel and I opened the show, as we were both in versions of the same dress:

My fellow models made this a joyous experience, where we supported and encouraged each other throughout the whole event:

I would like to thank the team at Scarlett & Jo for this complete one-off opportunity. I can't ever imagine having this empowering, sexy and confidence-boosting experience again. 

Unless of course, I wear one of these powerfit dresses in the office, and treat every trip to the canteen as my own personal catwalk that is!

Much love my lovelies, 

K x

Friday 13 September 2013

Phone Cases

I have recently been in a position to upgrade my phone, and so, along with all the normal considerations, I also had to think about how I would dress my phone. 

Yes, you read that right, I was concerned that as my previous phone had a selection of cases to wear, I didn't want these to no longer have a function, especially as one of them had been over the £20 mark. 


Well, as my phone spends as much time on my desk, in my hand, or on the arm of the chair, as it does anywhere else, I like my phone to be protected, but also look pretty!

I prefer the hard cases, to protect my phone should I drop it (which I do do. A LOT!), and as I like the smooth finish and feel of it in my hand, to the bendy rubber outer shells. 

When I was offered a phone case to review, I was keen to make sure it was a hard shell with an interesting print - I wasn't disappointed!

They eagle eyed amongst you may have spotted it at Plus North, or  noticed it on my #ootd which I post daily on Instagram.

I managed to get a China Blue case from here, which made me dream of owning a dress to match it:

ASOS Curve dress in Blue Floral
Simply Be China Blue Skater Dress

It arrived in rather snazzy packaging:

And within seconds it had slipped effortlessly onto my phone:

My lovely white phone sits rather happily in this china blue case, and it is a secure and sturdy method of protecting the lifeline that is my phone!!

It is a wonderful addition to my wardrobe of phone cases, and I am rather taken with the dotty ones available in the Uncommon range, available from Three - especially the turquoise polka dot one!!

It is still quite happy on my phone, and has been for the past week - and to prove it, my #ootd this morning:

So head over to : to see if any of their styles fit your phone cover needs.

Much love my lovely, 

K x

This item was sent to me to review by the lovely team at THREE, but my opinions are my own x