Sunday 14 October 2012

Home Bird - FOR REAL

I am so excited. Like massively giddy!

I took possession of these on Friday:

My very own house keys!!

I waxed lyrical about the very first house I'd seen here, which was silly of me as I stood no chance of being able to afford all the work it desperately needed. 

So a great many house viewings later (about 10 I think, but it felt like so many more!)

But my actual home looks like this:

(taken from my property sheet, as I forgot to snap one on the day!)

My very own two up - two down terrace, with kitchen and bathroom extension. I am IN LOVE.

My favourite room at the moment is this one:

The open plan (ish), with french windows for light, and such a nice feel in this room. The flooring words in pictures, but in reality is uneven and not very well fitted, so this will definitely be coming up and replaced with something similar, if possible.

You can just about see my kitchen though the door, and this is where a 2 seater table will be placed as well (hopefully)

This room has been called my 'cosy room', as with the door shut, and the rich carpet and wood panelling (which we plan to strip back to see if there is a natural wood waiting to be shown off!), this will be a leather suite and TV / DVD room. A 'den' if you like. And with the fire on in these winter nights, a very cosy den at that!

Check out the 70s feel of my staircase! And my hall is MASSIVE!!

This is a home I can certainly grow into, and make my own over time.

Not the best picture, but my bedroom has so much potential! I'm not usually a fan of built in wardrobes, but for the time being it does save me having to source some!

Can really see myself and my bed getting many good zzzzz's in this room!

My spare bedroom with added walk in storage!! The cupboard would fit a small bed in if needed! (just to give you an idea of size!)

This room is a perfect guest bedroom size, so if any of you want to come and stay, you are more than welcome! Just give me time to get my place in order first will you?!

So, there you have it, the Kathryn Abode! Would you be interested in seeing how this develops? Let me know!

Certainly not a 'mistake' so far!

Much love my lovelies, 

K x


  1. oooh girl your home is cute and looks very cosy, how exiting for you, congratulations on your new house which will hopefully become your new home in no time :-)

  2. Congratulations!! So pleased for you xxxx Your house is fab and I have a good idea of where it is too....xxxx

  3. It's gorgeous congratulations I hope you are very happy there xx

  4. Huge congrats my dear lovely, many you have many happy years there xx

  5. What a totally fantastic home! I love the front and the den and the built-ins are kind of amazing. Love!

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