Wednesday 10 October 2012

Blogging Beauties!

I was recently trawling through the hashtag #psbloggers, to see if there were any new faces I could pounce on, stalk, or copy - or rather, follow. 

I spotted a couple of faces lurking, either asking what the hashtag stood for, or seeing if there were any new (to her) bloggers she could follow. I jumped in, and offered a helping hand and a friendly face. 

I forget sometimes that "I have a blog roll" sometimes isn't enough. And I want to start a "thing" where I show you blogs (and their bloggers) that I've been admiring or interacting with a lot over the past week. 

When I've seen these posts in the past, I've thought that it was a cop out, a way of posting without saying anything. Well, colour me wrong on that one! 

So, my first Blogging Beauty is:

Not only does she share my guilty pleasure of Revenge on E4 (I've not seen the whole series, I'm watching it a week at a time! No spoilers please!), but she also got her baps out for her blog this week. I've not seen her advertise it on twitter much, and I can understand why, but boy do I LOVE that bra she is in!!

I could have stolen the pic of her in a bra - but I'll leave you to click the link for that pleasure!

She is a delight on twitter too, honest but caring and a supportive friend. Yes, I said it. Friend.

I met her briefly at Plus North, and I mean briefly, but since we've bonded on twitter, and I want more people to share in the wide and varied posts she offers.

Much love my lovelies, 

K x

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