Monday 1 October 2012

Lady Vintage Just Got Better!

Okay, so my love of the brand 'Lady Vintage London' has been well and truly documented on these pages, with the added bonus of a little giveaway not so long ago as a thank you. 

But they just got even better!

They have extended their sizes in their popular 'Hepburn' dresses, so instead of stopping at a UK20, they now go up to a UK24. 

A hepburn dress you say? I've not mentioned them before as I've considered myself sized out of this range, but now, well, now I should hopefully fit perfectly into a UK22 in this style:

With the high neck, according to 'fashion rules' I should discount this dress as my figure wouldn't suit it. Well, I'm sorry, I think I would anyone of these dresses.

The other Hepburn dress currently available in the extended sizes is this:

What a perfect smart black dress to add to your wardrobe staples. I have a dress in a very similar style which is my 'interview' dress, and I would be happy to replace it with this. Add a my green cardi, and I have perfect dress for the office or for lunch with friends. 

I suspect this extended size option is available to see if it would be popular across their other ranges, so how about it ladies? Anything take your fancy here?

Much love my lovelies,

K x

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  1. Those dresses could be JUST what i'm looking for.... I will fill you in all about it on Thursday xx