Saturday 10 December 2016

Introducing.... Joanie Clothing

There is rarely a new brand on the block that makes a splash without offending / upsetting people (ie me) in some way or other. Starting a brand, gaining a following for all the right reasons, and delivering the goods? If you've seen the most recent series of the Apprentice, you'll know that this isn't easy!

So when Joanie Clothing came on the scene, using the stunning Em as one of their models, ranging from 8 - 22, with some styles up to a 26, they proved that it can indeed be done.

I love these shots of Em, who I pretty much think Joan off of Mad Men is styled on, and she is a perfect face of this vintage with a twist brand. 

My first order from Joanie was this lipstick printed dress:

I wore this at a works evening meal type thing, in Manchester, and teamed it with my fave bomber ever, the Simply Be Embroidered Bomber:

Now, I'm imbetween 24/26, so opted for the 26 in this dress, and I do think I might have been able to size down 0 but the relaxed fit of this tea dress meant it wasn't that big a deal.

I then invested in something that's been missing from my wardrobe since a zip broke - a good black skirt:

This high waisted number met all my needs - and a perfect counter point for this Alice and You pleated shirt (worn for a night of singing in the choral society)

I also picked up the Jane cut out dress, as the cut outs reminded me of a  chunky lace type fabric, and I was keen to replace one I'd sold recently.

I opted for the 26 again, just to err on the side of caution - and when it arrived, and I tried it on, I convinced myself it just needed a good iron - which improved the fit, but I still struggled with the neckline, but with a quick belt to help the fit, I was happy enough to wear it to a corporate event:

I am super happy that there is another independent brand out there that I can get behind, and it's early days in terms of fit, and the size range that they offer. There are at least 3 dresses on their site that if they went over the 22 I would bite their hands off (Tartan, Books and Cat!! - need I say more?!)

I might have been ridiculously sparse with my blogging this year, but with a new job, a new laptop, and a new love for the writing, I'm super happy that Joanie brought me out of the blogging dry spell!

Much love my lovelies,

KK x