Thursday 28 March 2013

Plussize Shopping Adventures!

Last weekend I had the great pleasure of my first house guest! The lovely @catsuitcity popped up from Manchester for chats and funtimes in Casa Kathryn. 

You saw in my last post, what I wore to meet her from the train. After a quick tour of Casa Kathryn, we headed to the fish & chip shop for pre drinking food. Perfect way to start the weekend I reckon!

I wanted to share this with you again, as it was the first time I wore it with a petticoat:

The drinking had begun already, hence the funny face!!

After a class night out, involving dance offs, multiple cocktails, and following 'guys in red shirts', we returned home, dignity intact! HURRAH!

Hungover face:

Order of the day on Saturday was hangover food (and a sneaky haircut for me). We set off for Pizza Hut in the Metro Centre, which I have to say, cured the post drinking headache very nicely. 

As we were near Yours Clothing, we headed to scope out Fat Shopping opportunities. I'll be honest, the store was cramped and cluttered, so the stock wasn't easy to see. We left empty handed. 

We wandered aimlessly about for a bit, before heading over to Evans to see if there were any pictures of the new Clements & Riberio campaign. It was wishful thinking, I know, but it also meant I could try on this wonder:

From the Scarlett and Jo range, this navy blue dress, with wrap detail AND a skater skirt just begged me to buy it! I'd seen the lovely Rosie and Becky rocking it, so KNEW I'd love it on. And I did! I'm planning on wearing it to a Diamond Wedding Anniversary party, so will blog it in a little more detail then!

I came out of the dressing room for Rachel to snap this picture, and was complimented by the changing room attendant for the dress fit, and told, if she looked like me, she would TOTALLY own this dress. I just said she should wear it anyway, no point waiting. She muttered that it wouldn't work on her size. 

I'll be honest, it made a little sad that this was the attitude, although not surprising given the fat hatred on their Facebook page - if their staff doesn't promote body positivity, how can their customers?

Whilst in Evans, Rachel and I came across this wonder:

Skater dress - CHECK
Bright colour - CHECK

So why didn't I try it on? Because it was dual sizing. Rachel and I spoke at length with the lady behind the counter about how frustrated we get when a brand has dual sizing - it means the dress in the 22 - 24 would be too big on me, but too small on someone a 24. But remember, it is the DRESS at fault, not you.

Feeling rather happy with myself, we headed to the bright, airy, calm environment of Simply Be. 

We were met by Ruth, who recognised me from past visits, and given time and space to peruse the stock! I was wanting to try a couple of new bras on, so was advised on what size to try based on my existing one. 

I took along with me to the changing room this:

And made it look like this:

Perfect for the summer in the office! Or you know, out and about when the sun finally gets here!!

The bras didn't work on me, but Ruth explained nicely that just because a bra fits, doesn't mean it works for my shape. These didn't work for my shape AT ALL.

Ruth also convinced me to buy this:

Gorgeous collar necklace! I just LOVE the stud detail, and that  it adds a certain edge to my outfit!

However, my shopping wasn't done - when paying, a customer was looking at this coat:

And look how happy it made me!!

This was the end of my great Fat Shopping expedition. We left tired and happy with our buys, and had had an AMAZING day. And look we even managed to snap a picture of the lovely Ruth, who made my shopping in Simply Be go from "Cool", to "Totes Amaze-balls . There, I said it!!

So, Newcastle & Gateshead are getting better in helping us have a Fatty Friendly Shopping Experience!

Much love my lovelies, 

K x

Wednesday 27 March 2013

Ax Paris Bonded Lace Skater Dress

I have a thing for skater dresses at the moment! I find them so effortless and flattering. I've recently dug my bright orange, Velma style one out of wardrobe storage  and feel like I'm never out of it!!

It allows me to go belt free, and also means I can be a little shorter in my dress length as the cut allows for twirly swirly skirts!!

So when the lovely team at Ax Paris asked me to review an item, my heart and brain both said YES! to this Bonded Lace dress
I hardly read the description, if I'm honest, I just clicked the link and waited. 

I was therefore really shocked to see that instead of it being a mink dress with a black lace bonded to it, it was actually navy blue:

My first reaction was it was too nice to wear to work. Now, I'd be more than happy to wear this in the office, don't get me wrong, but because I have to wear a lanyard with ID badge attached, I don't want them to click the lovely lace detail. So, whilst I'm not saving this dress for best, I won't be wearing it to the office either. 

How did it fit? Well...

It was a perfect fit in my usual size 20. I opted for my white Satine bra from Bravissimo, which is a little ill fitting, but means I could safely wear this without risking ripping at the seams! 

The length is a littler shorter than most of my dresses, but I'm slowing starting to welcome showing a little bit of leg!!

I teamed it with my black boyfriend cardigan, and pointed brogues to go and collect my house guest for the weekend, Rachel, from the train station. She LOVED the dress, and we both agreed I could have easily worn it on our night out that night. 

Jewellery and make up wise, I kept it simple - no necklace (again, I didn't want to click the lace), and pale pink lips to give it a more girly look. I did however, think to add some Little Miss Delicious pancake earrings to add something a little bit different to the mix!

On reflection, the dress would be perfect for a Christening party, or equally formal event, given the light colour and the quality of the detail. However, I want to get as much wear out of this as possible, so look out on my Instagram for sneaky appearances!!

Much love my lovelies, 

K x

This item was sent to me to review, but all my words and views are my own

Friday 15 March 2013

Flirty Skirty

When I got an email from Collectif the other week, offering my 50% off full price items, my heart did a little leap. 

I jumped at the chance to order myself a plain black version of the Liesel Circle skirt, planning to make the most of the 50% off. But then I saw that it was available in red, and I reasoned that it meant I was getting Buy One, Get One Free. Even better!

They arrived when I was house sitting at my parents, so bereft of an iron, I had to head off to work in an extremely creased skirt - such was my excitement to wear it!

I didn't have any of my usual tops for wearing with skirts, so dug out my old faded Beatles tee and threw on my ASDA blazer from last Summer! Not my best ensemble, but I loved the swishiness of the skirt.

I opted for size 22, and in all honesty, wish I'd sized down to a 20. I studied the size chart and as my 41" waist sits in the 22 bracket, it was the one I went for. Never mind! 

I even incorporated it into my outfit for taking the Brownies to church for Mothering Sunday:

Although the best photos then came about when I was able to return home to my full length mirrors!

The skirt sits modestly below the knee, and the swishy swirliness of it makes me very happy (read: giddy) indeed! Here, I paired it with my elasticated Nurses belt, which added a certain security that it wouldn't end up slipping from my waist. 

Following on from this picture being taken, I added my trusty black cardi, and my lovely, sweet, LMD ice cream necklace (similar here) for a clashing wonder of a party:

I am a very happy Kathryn knowing I have a trusty, plain full skirt to choose from now!

Now, the observant amongst you will have noticed that in the product picture there are BRACES. I liked the thought of mixing it up a little with a pair of braces, and so tried them out:

Now, they look okay, but they need to be shorted by about 3 inches. I'll ask my Grandma to make the changes, and will try them again. They are held in place by a button, so I would have liked to have seen button holes at different heights to make it adjustable, but that's just me being picky!!

Be warned, outfit posts to follow featuring the RED skirt!! 

Much love my lovelies, 

K x

Friday 8 March 2013

A Stand Up Dress

When I saw this dress pop up on my Facebook page, my heart swelled!! Well, not really, but it plucked at my dress-loving heart strings:
It reminded me of the gorgeous dresses Georgina of Fullerfigurefullerbust wears with ease. 

This delight is from a dress makers called "Polka Dot Polly" (their website is here).

They have some dresses ready made (this is one of their ready made dresses) but also offers to make them to your measurements. I was careful with the sizing this time (having learnt my lesson from this dress off eBay) and chose a size 24. 

It arrived and fit like a glove! I am wearing my Bravissimo Satine bra in black, which gives me a very east / west shape, but worked for the line of the dress:

I teamed it with a black cardi and no jewellry:

When I came to actually wearing it, it was to a Comedy club I was headed to straight from work, so the dress got placed in a bag to be thrown on in the works toilets!

I absolutely love everything about this dress - the cap sleeves, the fit and flare skirt (yet to be tried with a petticoat mind!), and the print! That beautiful tartan print! It made people spotting me much easier: "I'll be the girl in a tartan dress!".

It seemed that my choice of underwear made a nice addition to the finish:

I headed off to the delightful comedy venue, The Stand Newcastle (also available in Edinburgh and Glasgow), and had the best burger I've ever had sober (cos when you're less than sober, every burger is the best burger!):

Whilst indulging in this master piece I did noticed I had a bit of a bra issue:

I think this Ewa Michalak bra was being too good a bra for this dress, it needed east / west syndrome back again!

Not to be deterred mind, I went on to through caution and dignity to the wind and laughed with abandon! It wasn't hard, given the line up!

It was a 'chat show' style affair, with the great Steffen Peddie (otherwise known as Big Keith in hit BBC Comedy Hebburn) as host.

First up was Neil Grainger, otherwise known as Gervaise in the hit BBC Comedy Hebburn. Steffen guided us through Neil's career, taking in such delights as Cross Roads and Banged Up Abroad!

After a short interval, Chris Ramsey, otherwise known as Jack in hit BBC Comedy, Hebburn) took to the settee, ready for a range of questions, from Wasps Nests to Harlem Shakes. Video below:

(this was my first attempt at recording something. Please forgive me!)

Next up we had the two return to the stage along with Hebburn creator and star Jason Cook! Hilarity ensued! I can not put in words! It showed how difficult it must have been to get any work done with these 4 around!!

I've stolen the photo from a facebook page as I wasn't allowed to take photos due to house rules

I was unfortunately at the gig on my own, so pretty much stayed in my seat to ensure I kept it! I would highly recommend the venue, and the Big Owl Comedy Chat Show which is on every month at The Stand Newcastle. 

Much love my lovelies, 

K x