Sunday 28 July 2013

YEE HAH! A Rodeo Shirt Inspired Outfit

It took me a little while to get into the latest US import Nashville, but after about the 5th episode, I was hooked. 

I've watched with interest as the Rodeo trend has been picked as a hot trend for A/W13, and I am as keen as anyone to try my hand with denim dresses, and embroidered shirts.

When perving (sorry, looking!) at the preview of Simply Be A/W collection, I spotted this straight away:

And could imagine this paired with a full skirt in denim. I scoured the site for a skirt that matched the image in my head, and realised it would make the outfit more fancy dress than maybe necessary.

I instead paired it with my full skirt from Collectif Clothing and did what I always do, tuck it in and add a belt:

I sized up to a 22 in this, knowing from my Simply Be experiences in the past that buttons don't like staying together in a 20, and you can see here that the buttons in the 22 aren't overly friendly with each other either!! But with a basic black tee, I made this work!!

Because seeing this embroidery made it so much worth my while!

By the time I got to the office, it looked like this:

A tired face, but a great colour, collar, and detailing!

An even more interesting detail to the shirt was the back:

I mean, this detail is unnecessary, lets be honest - the embroidery is, I think, enough. But when I saw the piping and colour detail on the back, it was a wonderful touch. 

Given the weather on Thursday, I opted to wear my sleeves up:

With this useful method of keeping them up and out of the way! The material isn't thick, but very much an Autumn type of shirt, with the option of having the sleeves at full length. 

The top is rather short on me however, and I only have the option of wearing it tucked into a skirt. I do stand at 5'10 though remember, so this may not be the case on you!

Whether you are looking for a nod to the Rodeo trend, or wanting to go all out Nashville, this is the ideal shirt to try!

Much love my lovelies,

K x

This shirt was gifted to me, but my words and opinions are my own x

Saturday 27 July 2013

Cardigan Queen

My outfit posts on Instagram (MissKathryn84) have revealed an unexpected pattern, or even addiction of mine. 

I have an obsession with Little Miss Delicious cardigans! So much so, Maxine has coined the moniker of Cardigan Queen. 

I started with the red cardigan, little over a year ago:

LMD Cardigan, and Lady Vintage Swing Dress

Then I added the lovely long sleeve cardigan in teal:

Recently though, I was keen to expand my colours into navy. 

Little Miss Delicious cardigan with Lady Vintage London dress

But my order arrived with a little treat for me. 

Maxine was so kind to fashion a custom design for me, on a pale teal short sleeved cardigan. 

Little Miss Delicious cardigan with Lauren Ding's dress for Simply Be

These have added a sweetness to my outfit choices this summer, one that I've carried over into my necklace choices:

Little Miss Delicious cardi, necklace and Sorrento Clothing cartoon print dress

The customer service from Maxine is second to none, keeping me updated on orders, taking an interest in her customers. She adds a personal touch on her social media forms, making it so you can appreciate the time and energy that goes into creating the pieces you order, and the hands that made them. That sounds like an overblown comment to make, but it is true. 

And I was truly touched when, on my birthday last week, she posted this picture on her Instagram (lmdelicious):

A montage of my LMD outfit posts over two weeks - a sweet gesture which was a reminder that once you buy from LMD, it's like you're part of the greater LMD family. Again, this sounds like an exaggeration  but it's not. 

The cardigans are currently being redesigned, and have been taken down from the website for the moment, but on the old styles, I opted for a 18-20 to sit open, or purely button as a twin set style cardigan at the neck.

Much love, your #cardiganqueen

K x 

Thursday 18 July 2013

Forever Yours

There are times when you see something and wonder: would that work on me? Would this fit my **insert body part here**... And I'll be honest, I thought that about this amazing find of mine from Yours Clothing:

I was curious as to whether this would fit my chest. And if it did, would it sit as well everywhere else. 

I was having a rough day, and on a whim, bought it. I fretted about it over the weekend, wondering if it would be leave me a little dejected, or if in fact, it would work.

It is an elegant, and yet cool, dress. It makes me feel as tall as I am, rather than a lanky lass in a too short dress. I love that at 5'9 / 5'10, the dress still sits at my lower calf.

I opted for the 22/24, and on the reflection, I might have got away with a 20, but in this heat, I was happy with the loose fit and flowing skirt to offer some breeze and respite from the heat. If I wanted to, I'm sure I could belt this at the waist, and I am debating on how it will look with a full petticoat underneath.

Due to the classy nature of the dress, I wanted some statement jewelry to make it a little more relevant. I hesitated over my ice cream, Battenburg and 'K' necklaces, but decided on this round leopard print disc necklace from Damart:

I had worn this earlier in the month, but it sat flat on my flesh, and the rope cord did irritate me. However, sitting on the high neck of this dress finished the outfit perfectly, irritation free!

There you have it. My outfit of the day yesterday, with my pretty new dress, and first piece of statement jewelry gifted from Damart. 

Much love my lovelies, 

K x

Monday 15 July 2013

Kathryn calling Mojo, come in Mojo

The eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed I have not been about as much on social media; including here. And you'd be right. My usually sparky attitude seems to have been downgraded massively, barely making an appearance into the real world, never mind in witty banter and chat on social media platforms. 

 I can feel my usual joie de vivre coming back, and I hope, over the coming days, to start to build myself back up to my usual self. 

What caused this slip? This slide down hill? At the moment, I am chalking it up to exhaustion and stress, but as I've not had the gumption to take time off work, time will only tell as to whether this state of play continues, and whether I head to the docs to get something a little more concrete. 

Much love my lovelies, 

K x