Saturday 27 July 2013

Cardigan Queen

My outfit posts on Instagram (MissKathryn84) have revealed an unexpected pattern, or even addiction of mine. 

I have an obsession with Little Miss Delicious cardigans! So much so, Maxine has coined the moniker of Cardigan Queen. 

I started with the red cardigan, little over a year ago:

LMD Cardigan, and Lady Vintage Swing Dress

Then I added the lovely long sleeve cardigan in teal:

Recently though, I was keen to expand my colours into navy. 

Little Miss Delicious cardigan with Lady Vintage London dress

But my order arrived with a little treat for me. 

Maxine was so kind to fashion a custom design for me, on a pale teal short sleeved cardigan. 

Little Miss Delicious cardigan with Lauren Ding's dress for Simply Be

These have added a sweetness to my outfit choices this summer, one that I've carried over into my necklace choices:

Little Miss Delicious cardi, necklace and Sorrento Clothing cartoon print dress

The customer service from Maxine is second to none, keeping me updated on orders, taking an interest in her customers. She adds a personal touch on her social media forms, making it so you can appreciate the time and energy that goes into creating the pieces you order, and the hands that made them. That sounds like an overblown comment to make, but it is true. 

And I was truly touched when, on my birthday last week, she posted this picture on her Instagram (lmdelicious):

A montage of my LMD outfit posts over two weeks - a sweet gesture which was a reminder that once you buy from LMD, it's like you're part of the greater LMD family. Again, this sounds like an exaggeration  but it's not. 

The cardigans are currently being redesigned, and have been taken down from the website for the moment, but on the old styles, I opted for a 18-20 to sit open, or purely button as a twin set style cardigan at the neck.

Much love, your #cardiganqueen

K x