Friday 26 September 2014

Suits You... Nikki

For this month's Suits You challenge, I have the adorable Nikki!

I had the pleasure of meeting Nikki at last year's PlusNorth, and know for a fact she could wear ANYTHING!

I would, however, love to see her in something like this:

Now, jumpsuits aren't something I get away with and I feel a bit mean putting someone else in one without rocking one myself (bending my knees so there is no bunching in my crotch!

Anyway, enough about me, how awesome would Nikki look in that ASOS jumpsuit? I wanted to see her with her hair slicked back, with stilletos and an 80s blazer - a killer power dressing vibe!

But then I spotted this blazer:

And felt this, with Nikki's natural assets, this would would BANGING with that monochrome jumpsuit! 

As always, check out the other styling efforts of our little group:

Leah - who is styling me this month

What do you think? An outfit worth lusting after? Or a miss?

Much love my lovelies,

K x

Sunday 14 September 2014

Suits you.... Lisa-Marie

Sorry for being ridiculously late in posting this months (August) Suits You Challenge, but I think it might be worth the wait!!

I've trawled through the lovely Lisa Marie's Instagram feed, and spotted a lot of jeans and T Shirt combinations - which were all as good as this one:

Oooh, I'd love to see the lovely Lisa Marie in something like this Ax Paris Neon Shirt Dress:

With black skinny jeans it's not too far away from her usual style, but still think that it's a bit of a departure!

To keep it cool, black jeggings or jeans, with this fluorescent satchel:

And some biker boots for good measure!

The other wonderful ladies who are styling each other are:

Katherine - who is styling me this month

What do you think? Would you wear this? Do you think Lisa would Suit it?

Much love my lovelies, 

K x

Bloggers versus...

A few things have happened this week which has-a-got me thinking.

Are plus size bloggers a breed apart?

What I mean to say is, are we so different to what the mass consumers want from fashion brands?

Events like Plus North brings brands and bloggers and non-bloggers together to talk about collections, about our gripes and our loves and our wishes. And I left with an idea that brands were understanding our hopes for the future of fat fashion. 

But this comment on Facebook made me wonder if we were alone:

This was over the Kelly Brook range stopping at a size 26, and only having 5 items available up to a size 32, all of which were black or a darkish print. 

Is it just that our voices are the loudest, shouting for people to bare arms, get the VBO out and wear what on earth they wanted? Are we a minority? If we are, then we need to shout louder, and have more people wanting to wear this beaut in a bigger size than a 26:

Fighting the fight is all well and good though,but we need to drown out voices like those behind this DeBrief article, which perpetuates the ideas that there are rules to follow when it comes to shape, and size and confidence. 

It just keeps the voices in our heads telling us that it doesn't suit, or it's too short, or the wrong colour for our complexion, or or or the list goes ON. The voices are loud enough without articles like this adding to the angst and anguish. 

Come on everyone, we need to make our voices louder and make people listen.

Much love my lovelies, 

K x

Friday 12 September 2014

Fat Swap Spoils

The final part of Plus North this year was a community day - where we were able to talk to people we hadn't been able to spend much time with so far. 

As part of this community day was a Fat Swap. I'd heard of these awesome things, but not had the pleasure of going to one. 

I took 8 items, and left with 8 different items. It is that simple. But it's a first come first served basis, so my elbows were sharpened and ready to dig out the best and brightest!

A New Look Inspire dress, and Next jersey blazer - all new to me, and a great look for the office!

A Matalan tunic with an owl print skirt - I paired with my black jeans for a relaxed office look!

HELLO Leaf print skirt of tropical dreams.

I also came away with some Clements Riberio, a couple of tshirts and a waist coat. I also spotted this picture of Emma, so I know my clothes have gone to happy new homes:

Much love my lovelies, I wouldn't swap you lot for the world though,

K xx

Wednesday 10 September 2014

ModCloth Convert

I've known about ModCloth for a over a year now, but it is one of those websites that once you enter, you fall down that rabbits hole and end up spending FAR too much on lots of pretty things, like when I first found Domino Dollhouse!

So I warn you now - enter this website at your own risk!

My first purchase was from the lovely Boo Brown's Blog Sale, but I've not worn it properly yet, so in my mind, it doesn't count!

I bought this beaut from Lolly's eBay, but collected it at Plus North last weekend:

A bit of a weird fit over the bust, if I'm honest. It's room up top, but the  buttons still gape - I'm thinking a running stitch to stitch the buttons closed may fix a little of that issue, but the print, and fit else where, is just too lovely!!

And a cheeky little owl for good measure!! The sad thing is, it doesn't seem to be available online any more. Sorry my lovelies!

I also caught the lovely Elena selling this beaut at Plus North, and fell for whole dress. I even coined the word 'dress-gasm', it was that awesome!!

The collar, the print, the POCKETS! Honestly, pockets in dresses make me beyond happy!

Yes, I might be a recent ModCloth convert, but I'm trying to stagger my obsession a little, but I mean:

Much love my lovelies, 

K x

Tuesday 9 September 2014

Nicky Rockets - A Curvy Tshirt Craze

When I ventured upstairs at Plus North, I made a bee line for the Nicky Rockets stall. 

I first placed an order with them when they were under a different brand name, but their tshirts weren't any the less awesome:

A good friend at work fell in love with this one, and so, with my ever bulging wardrobe, gifted this beaut to Karen, with the promise that I would pick up a slash neck version at Plus North for us both. 

And I wasn't wrong! Last Friday was dress down Friday, and we both ended up wearing matching (nearly) Ts!

Karen teamed hers with jeans and boots, while I opted for something a little different:

I am a slash neck convert though, and planning to take scissors to a number of my Tshirts!

Karen usually wears an 18, and I'm usually a 22, but we both wear a 1X in Nicky Rockets Tshirts - I like them a little snug, and Karen prefers them baggy. 

Once worn in the office, I've already had a colleague order a few! It's the start of a Curvy is a Shape not a Size revolution, and Nicky Rockets is at the front line!

Much love my lovelies,

K x

Monday 8 September 2014

Swinging Plus North After Party

Ah, the bloggers night out - the 'let your hair down' part of the weekend. Well, I had no hair to let down, so instead fretted over the outfit more so than most. And I stepped so far out of my comfort zone, there was no point worrying!

No longer available on line, but reviewed here

I opted for the Alice and You swing dress, with no sleeves, and in such a pale colour that I'd normally shy from it - but I was won over by the Mod-ness of it and I wasn't wrong!

I teamed it with pale, nude lips (stolen from Emma) and cat flick eye liner:

And I danced. I danced and had a BALL. And what I wore didn't matter - but it made me feel amazing, and that it what mattered.

Much love my lovelies, 

K xx

Sunday 7 September 2014

Plus North 2014

My first decision about blogging about Plus North 14, is to not compare it to Plus North 13. Why? Well, different city for a start! But also it's a different organisation team, so it would be unfair to compare last years event with this. 

I've been to every Plus North, and one Plus London, and the one thing that tied them all together was the accepting atmosphere. 

Everyone was cooed over in equal measure (usually by me!) and I know that Plus North 14 was no different, as written about by the lovely Laura. As a regular to PN, I've taken to getting to the venue early to help where I could. The issues this year mostly lay with the venue and their reluctance to make things easy for us setting up. Nonetheless, the day event was a hot mess of awesomeness, with catwalks galore - now, who was that loud lass whooping and cheering? Oh yeah, that'll be me. Seeing beauts on a catwalk turns me into a supportive mess, okay?!

Issues with the venue aside, the main thing I missed this year, as with every year is LUNCH!! FEED THE MODELS!! **ahem** Sorry, so, when I bumped into the lovely Jim who aims to create a positive photo experience from reluctant muses - and whilst I'm not a reluctant wall flower, I am still waiting on the cookie / no cookie GIF! Once I have it, I'll edit this post and add it, don't fret!

I also met the lovely Curvy Kate team, which I've blogged about here, and fell in love with an Ann Harvey coat of DREAMS, which isn't on line just yet. The lovely Wingz team were there too, thankful for my honesty in my post here

The family enterprise that is Nicky Rockets (which I'll blog about later in the week) were as lovely as they were last year when they were there as punters, not stall holders, but the stall that had me fall head over heels was the lovely Chunky Cat Cuddler, where I picked up this adorable Cat and the Fish necklace:

And I had a such a laugh with her that I want to put her in my pocket for her general awesomeness!

I'm gutted I didn't browse the Simply Be stall enough, given that I've fallen for much of their Look Autumn collection!!

I also didn't spend that much time at the Evans, So Fabulous or Curvissa stalls - instead I spent it flitting from awesome babes to awesome babes, and actually socialised this year. Because you know what? There is more to Plus North than bloggers networking with brands, and whilst I didn't make a conscious effort to avoid it, it just naturally happened, that I instead spent time talking to people. SHOCKER!!

So a HUGE thank you to the Plus North team, and here is to what delights await us in 2015!

Much love my lovelies, 

K x

Plus North Friendships

In the past, after an event such as Plus North, I'd take you through the day, explaining the order of the day in a giddy and excitable way!

I wanted to take a different approach this time around, and as I've talked about the uplifting experience at Curvy Kate already, I wanted to talk about the uplifting friendship which blossomed with the wonderful Emma:

We met at last years event, and decided to share rooms for this years epic 3 day of wonderfulness. 

After calming Em down after a little bit of a hectic morning - and applying some Brown Owl logic to a little hiccough meant we realised we were kindred spirits very early on in the weekend!

After late night sleepover style chats in the dark, and midnight snacks:

our friendship was set in stone.  

Without blogging, without twitter, and definitely without Plus North we wouldn't have met - and certainly wouldn't have slipped out of the after party early for 3 hours of Bez dancing at the Stone Roses bar!

Much love my lovelies, 

K x

Also, thank you for each and every one of you, with this, my 300th post, and hitting 150,000 views, I am speechless xx

Saturday 6 September 2014

Curvy Kate at Plus North

This past week, I've had a bounce in my step. I've been walking taller. I've almost been strutting about the office!!


I spent most of the Plus North weekend in the bosom of the Curvy Kate team (pun very much intended!). 

As soon as their stall opened, I was head first in there, looking for something close to my size - and I found the Daily Boost in a 36J - so I through it on and wow!



Look at them! All pert and just, well, 'boosted'!

I was like a gal on a mission! I directed a good few girls in need of a boost over to Curvy Kate, to get their quad boobs sorted, or their riding backs secured!

The biggest transformation of the weekend was probably the lovely Nancy, who blogged about her experience here.

I also partied with them a little bit in the evening, taking selfies with the gorgeous Laura Butler about our hatred of M&S 'fitting', and tackling the quiz together:

So, be prepared for an onslaught of Plus North related posts in the coming days!

Much love my pert lovelies!

K x