Saturday 6 September 2014

Curvy Kate at Plus North

This past week, I've had a bounce in my step. I've been walking taller. I've almost been strutting about the office!!


I spent most of the Plus North weekend in the bosom of the Curvy Kate team (pun very much intended!). 

As soon as their stall opened, I was head first in there, looking for something close to my size - and I found the Daily Boost in a 36J - so I through it on and wow!



Look at them! All pert and just, well, 'boosted'!

I was like a gal on a mission! I directed a good few girls in need of a boost over to Curvy Kate, to get their quad boobs sorted, or their riding backs secured!

The biggest transformation of the weekend was probably the lovely Nancy, who blogged about her experience here.

I also partied with them a little bit in the evening, taking selfies with the gorgeous Laura Butler about our hatred of M&S 'fitting', and tackling the quiz together:

So, be prepared for an onslaught of Plus North related posts in the coming days!

Much love my pert lovelies!

K x

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