Tuesday 9 September 2014

Nicky Rockets - A Curvy Tshirt Craze

When I ventured upstairs at Plus North, I made a bee line for the Nicky Rockets stall. 

I first placed an order with them when they were under a different brand name, but their tshirts weren't any the less awesome:

A good friend at work fell in love with this one, and so, with my ever bulging wardrobe, gifted this beaut to Karen, with the promise that I would pick up a slash neck version at Plus North for us both. 

And I wasn't wrong! Last Friday was dress down Friday, and we both ended up wearing matching (nearly) Ts!

Karen teamed hers with jeans and boots, while I opted for something a little different:

I am a slash neck convert though, and planning to take scissors to a number of my Tshirts!

Karen usually wears an 18, and I'm usually a 22, but we both wear a 1X in Nicky Rockets Tshirts - I like them a little snug, and Karen prefers them baggy. 

Once worn in the office, I've already had a colleague order a few! It's the start of a Curvy is a Shape not a Size revolution, and Nicky Rockets is at the front line!

Much love my lovelies,

K x

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  1. I love that skirt!!! You both look fabulous of course!!! xxx