Wednesday 10 September 2014

ModCloth Convert

I've known about ModCloth for a over a year now, but it is one of those websites that once you enter, you fall down that rabbits hole and end up spending FAR too much on lots of pretty things, like when I first found Domino Dollhouse!

So I warn you now - enter this website at your own risk!

My first purchase was from the lovely Boo Brown's Blog Sale, but I've not worn it properly yet, so in my mind, it doesn't count!

I bought this beaut from Lolly's eBay, but collected it at Plus North last weekend:

A bit of a weird fit over the bust, if I'm honest. It's room up top, but the  buttons still gape - I'm thinking a running stitch to stitch the buttons closed may fix a little of that issue, but the print, and fit else where, is just too lovely!!

And a cheeky little owl for good measure!! The sad thing is, it doesn't seem to be available online any more. Sorry my lovelies!

I also caught the lovely Elena selling this beaut at Plus North, and fell for whole dress. I even coined the word 'dress-gasm', it was that awesome!!

The collar, the print, the POCKETS! Honestly, pockets in dresses make me beyond happy!

Yes, I might be a recent ModCloth convert, but I'm trying to stagger my obsession a little, but I mean:

Much love my lovelies, 

K x


  1. How do you finding the sizing? I've got my eye of a few gorgeous dresses but I'm nervous about having to order and return multiple sizes with international shipping etc...

    Mwah x

  2. I am so in LOVE with that purple dress, except for one problem. I don't like the way I look in that type of collar. But I love the little orange spiders on the purple background....