Sunday 14 September 2014

Bloggers versus...

A few things have happened this week which has-a-got me thinking.

Are plus size bloggers a breed apart?

What I mean to say is, are we so different to what the mass consumers want from fashion brands?

Events like Plus North brings brands and bloggers and non-bloggers together to talk about collections, about our gripes and our loves and our wishes. And I left with an idea that brands were understanding our hopes for the future of fat fashion. 

But this comment on Facebook made me wonder if we were alone:

This was over the Kelly Brook range stopping at a size 26, and only having 5 items available up to a size 32, all of which were black or a darkish print. 

Is it just that our voices are the loudest, shouting for people to bare arms, get the VBO out and wear what on earth they wanted? Are we a minority? If we are, then we need to shout louder, and have more people wanting to wear this beaut in a bigger size than a 26:

Fighting the fight is all well and good though,but we need to drown out voices like those behind this DeBrief article, which perpetuates the ideas that there are rules to follow when it comes to shape, and size and confidence. 

It just keeps the voices in our heads telling us that it doesn't suit, or it's too short, or the wrong colour for our complexion, or or or the list goes ON. The voices are loud enough without articles like this adding to the angst and anguish. 

Come on everyone, we need to make our voices louder and make people listen.

Much love my lovelies, 

K x


  1. YESSS!!!! Agree with this SO much!

  2. I agree! I think it's nice to be all inclusive and I wish more retailers could afford to be!