Saturday 18 March 2017

Mother and Daughter Style Challenge Part 1

I've been blogging for quite a while now - think it's about 5 years? - and my Mam has never really understood it. It comes from a place of love, that she doesn't want me attracting 'undue attention'. 

But she slowly started to take an interest - and I thought when the team behind J D Williams contacted me, I could work my Mam into my plan!

The plan was simple - I would choose 2 pieces for her, and she would choose 2 pieces for me. I would finally let her dictate what I wear!

We both trawled through the Plus Size options on JD Williams - and it seems we both went for one that was in our usual style, and another that pushed our limits a little.

My Mam first went for this green body con number: 

My new job has me working from home, but I regularly have to go for super business smart. But as I'm still one for showing spark and personality, I like to mix up my smart with a side of Kathryn positivity!

I paired with a grey collarless jacket for a work event.

The joy of this (for me), isn't the awesome colour, but the draping detail:

Gotta say, my Mam did very well choosing this! I spent most of the event sat down, and although I did pull at the length of the skirt a bit, I still felt confident and pretty awesome in it - meaning I was giving my A Game at the event! 

I chose this number for my Mam:

I mean, just look at her face! You can tell she is a super happy in it - either that or I hit her with one of my bad jokes! 

She rocks dresses like this all the time - and a bold floral print gives her a number of options for cardigan coordination (which is where I get that particular sense of style from!).

The waist detail is a great touch, something to separate it from the other dresses in her wardrobe

She actually loves this dress so much she's picked it up in the navy / pink spot combo!

So, round one of the Mother / Daughter style challenge worked out pretty well, didn't it!

Much love my lovelies, 

K and Mama K