Wednesday 29 July 2015

Hanky Hems & Me

The first rule of Fat Club is stay away from hanky hems, butterfly prints, and elasticated tops. They are the staple of the Plus Size Fashion world, and for those still unaware of the delights which await them if "they just let go of their fear" (to quote the lovely Daisy), they're perfectly acceptable - if hiding your body is your principle aim. 

But once you begin the journey of self love and body confidence and F*CK THE SHAMERS, you realise that there is so much MORE out there, that you don't need the hanky hems to hide this bit, or the butterfly print to show you're cute, or that black isn't the only colour. 

But just as you slink back to the colour black, because the first rule of Fat Club is really that there are no rules, you realise that there are other styles you can try again. 

Stand back ladies, I'm entering the world of the hanky hem:

No, not the oddly shaped t shirts that meant your bum and crotch were on display, but the sides of your legs were hidden (as above).


I'm talking a proper hanky hem, courtesy of Yours Clothing.

I wore this beaut to the second day of Style XL, and I wasn't kicked out of Fat Club, so YAY! It was also super comfortable for my 3 and a half hour train journey. 

These were the 22, but I ended up sizing up to a 24 for comfort and it really didn't effect the cut or the fit of the dress that much.

Just remember ladies, the first rule of Fat Club is that there are no rules (other than don't be a dick).

Much love my lovelies, 

K x 

Monday 27 July 2015

Style XL 2015

Every time I go to one of these events, I can never find the words to explain how important they are, or how amazing it was, without it sounding exaggerated or cliched. 

This year, more than any other I think, I'm sat staring at the blank white screen, not knowing how I can put the weekend into words.

It was a weekend of new friendships and old. It was a mashup of brands and bloggers. And I kinda think the bloggers won! 

I wasn't modelling this year, but adopted my usual role of Chief Cheerleader (and did a stirling job, obviously!), and bra-fitting-bully! In fact, one of my first acts of the day was to get Wor Daisy into the Curvy Kate tents to get boosted - and between Caroline and myself, she's off on a voyage of bra-discovery! 

Daisy is awesome - FACT. She was my room mate, my tour guide, my sanity checker, and my companion. I don't think I could have got through the weekend without her by my side.

As well as the super Daisy, our room also had space for the quiet and considerate Kerry-Ann

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I mentioned that we got to forge new friendships:

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A photo posted by Kathryn (@misskathryn84) on
And the lovely Kate

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Kate and I's moment is photobombed by Debz and Tanya!!

As well as strengthen old ones:

A photo posted by Leah Shafik (@leahxl) on
With the yummy Lolly.

And I clearly couldn't be kept away from the catwalk for too long, modelling for Yours Clothing in this bodycon maxi in tropical print

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But there was a little time for brands, and this beaut from Bon Prix had me planning Christmas parties just so I would have somewhere to wear it!

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This year wasn't about the modelling, or the brands, but about the people - the readers of blogs, the bloggers, those just starting their body confidence journey, and those well on their way.

Leah did an astounding job, and I know this isn't the last we'll hear of StyleXL, although perhaps not in the same guise!

Here is to the next great event, where ever, and whatever, and whenever that may be.

Much love my lovelies, 

K x

StyleXL OOTD feat. Mod Cloth French Bulldog Dress

I had decided, when it was clear I was actually going to StyleXL in Birmingham, that I would shop my wardrobe. I mean, we've seen the size of it, so it's clear that amount of choice wasn't going to be an option! Until, after a cheeky eBay search revealed this dress for sale!

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Now, the best thing about buying from eBay is the ability to ask for measurements - something you can't always get when you're shopping online. 

This dress is the 4XL, and in all fairness, the 3XL would have probably done, but I really liked having the option of a more loose fit.

I started off the day with a nice cinched waist but midway through I was belt free and loving the freedom - two dresses in one!!

A more detailed post on #StyleXL will follow - I felt my Mod Cloth dress deserved a post of it's own!! 

Much love my lovelies, 

K x

Tuesday 21 July 2015

The Hoopla with Benefit

I've not really blogged much in the recent weeks, mainly due to new job starting! In the interim, there have been a few "twitter outrage" moments! I mean, when is there not really! But the title of the post might have given you the heads up at my topic - that Benefit Body Shaming tweet:

They posted it a fortnight ago, and this post has been forming and evolving and floating around my head ever since - I've learnt from experience not to ignore the need to write. 

I feel the need to explain myself, and in equal measure, defend myself, given that while discussing this fiasco with some fellow rad fats, someone interjected to state we were being unnecessarily harsh, and it was only one person sat behind the computer writing those tweets, not the whole brand. 

Now then, listen here: I have written many a training package on social media, and stress the importance of reflecting the brand in all you do... 


Yes, exactly. 

This tweet is basically saying that an international company thought it was okay to fat shame. No ifs, no buts. 

A slim person offered their unsolicited opinion on this matter. Errm, please don't tell me how I should be reacting over this, and I'll not dictate your feelings over skinny shaming, m'kay?

Because even fats have different options on this. Some think there are bigger matters at hand, and that battles have to be chosen. Others, like myself, think that not enough was done to apologise, and even the apologies seemed to only be made to those under a size 20 who expressed outrage. 

My main concern is that so few non fats raised concern / outrage / batted an eyelid, and expressed derision at those who did - while I am quick to join their crusade about skinny shaming (which is just as wrong). Where is the same loyalty to the body positive cause? I may be the admin of @shamebodyshame, but it doesn't stop me being disappointed at how few join the cause for fats - as though we're the lesser of the body shames, as though we deserve it somehow. 

One simple rule of thumb applies - body policing, body shaming, or any form of poking fun at someone's expense is NOT OKAY! DON'T BE A DICK.

Much love, 

K x