Wednesday 29 July 2015

Hanky Hems & Me

The first rule of Fat Club is stay away from hanky hems, butterfly prints, and elasticated tops. They are the staple of the Plus Size Fashion world, and for those still unaware of the delights which await them if "they just let go of their fear" (to quote the lovely Daisy), they're perfectly acceptable - if hiding your body is your principle aim. 

But once you begin the journey of self love and body confidence and F*CK THE SHAMERS, you realise that there is so much MORE out there, that you don't need the hanky hems to hide this bit, or the butterfly print to show you're cute, or that black isn't the only colour. 

But just as you slink back to the colour black, because the first rule of Fat Club is really that there are no rules, you realise that there are other styles you can try again. 

Stand back ladies, I'm entering the world of the hanky hem:

No, not the oddly shaped t shirts that meant your bum and crotch were on display, but the sides of your legs were hidden (as above).


I'm talking a proper hanky hem, courtesy of Yours Clothing.

I wore this beaut to the second day of Style XL, and I wasn't kicked out of Fat Club, so YAY! It was also super comfortable for my 3 and a half hour train journey. 

These were the 22, but I ended up sizing up to a 24 for comfort and it really didn't effect the cut or the fit of the dress that much.

Just remember ladies, the first rule of Fat Club is that there are no rules (other than don't be a dick).

Much love my lovelies, 

K x 


  1. Loved this on you at stylexl!! You really suit it, and it makes me want to try one!

  2. The print looks so adorable on you but hanky hems are still two thumbs down for me.