Monday 28 March 2016

Friendship February

Back in February, a group of gal pals and I took part in a Galentines Secret Santa type affair. A chance to share the love with each other, and for a single lass like me, it was a great feeling to actually join in with the commercialisation of Valentines. 

I got my 'gal', the super lovely Sarah, a friendship necklace with a twist:

See that donut, just visible? That's one half of the necklace, and the super awesome Sarah has the other half. And I would share my donut with her, any day.

My presents were cute and small, and no less meaningful. A collection of chocolate, jewelry, face masks, and a full heart. But this 'love', takes pride of place:

It sits perfectly with the 'home' sign I already had, and I'm tempted to paint it lilac, to make it stand out a little more. 

I'm well aware it's nearly April, and I'm writing about something I took part in back in February, but I've been ruminating on the idea of internet friendships, and if distant makes them any less valid, or whether the 'virtual' nature of it, lessens the pain of arguments, disagreements and fallings out. 

Having been grieving for a friendship circle lost recently, I would counter that the fact that a lot of our friendships these days are online, through mediums like Whatsapp, Facebook group chats, or snapchats, we're used to reaching out and getting someone - whereas when it's individual chats, there is the weight of waiting for a reply. 

I don't respond to that pressure very well, I read messages and forget to reply - then people just stop messaging me all together - why bother, if I never seem to reply in a timely manner? 

Whereas a group chat, I'm a great voice of reason, a builder-upper - someone who can be relied on for a positive word.

But as I said, I've spent the last month or so group-chat-less. And wondering if it was them, or was it me? Was I too..., well, me?

It's felt very much like a break up. 

Which is why it's taken til now to write about my amazing and thoughtful Galentines. 

That Love sign? Reminds me whenever I walk past it, that I'm loved, I matter, and that while I might not have 300 Whatsapp messages to catch up on, I'm still a friend. 

An oddly personal post from me, but I've always had a thing where my blog is where I write to get my thoughts outta my head :D

Much love my lovelies, 

K x

Saturday 19 March 2016

Spring Jackets I Can't Get Enough Of...

I struggle with being too hot a lot of the time. You're likely to spot me in mid November with a cardigan on and rather content to feel a bit of a chill - so come the first hint of Spring, and I shed my winter jacket in favour of something lighter - usually my trusty mac. This Spring, with my office being rather on the chilly side, I wanted something that could double as a stylish addition to my outfits.

My first step into the world of the statement jacket was this:

I've seen a few fellow bloggers wear this bomber jacket with the matching skirt, such as the lush Amanda:

I do love the combo, but I've wanted to pair it with more contrasting tones, so pinks and purples:

And really play with the vintage feel of the paisley print:

It's lightweight, and I opted for my usual size 24 and found it roomy and was actually surprised that it actually zips up fully!!

My other  splurge on outwear came in the form of this acid wash denim biker jacket:

It's a great option to 'toughen up' my usually feminine aesthetic, and it gives me the edge I feel my 'look' lacks:

I opted for the 26 in this jacket, to make sure it actually could be zipped up fully if needed, but still looks good when worn open:

I might be growing my hair, but both these jackets keeps my vibe alive I feel!!

Much love my lovelies, 

K x