Sunday 23 December 2012

Speak up...

Kellie from has asked for us to donate our home page over the Christmas holidays.

The Festive period is an overwhelming time of stress and pressure and family and then... silence. Days drawing out in front of you with nothing to fill them. Our normal support network are busy, with their own family, friends. You don't want to be a burden on their festive period.

Or at least that was how I used to view this time of year.

If you need them, there are people out there who can support you, or I, and get us through this time of year, and beyond. 

Please speak out. Don't suffer in silence.

You are important.

As Sera says at if you are feeling like you cannot cope, if you cannot see a light, if you feel like you cannot go on please, please, please... pick up the phone

0300 123 3393

08457 90 90 90

Alcoholics Anonymous
0845 769 7555

Info line 08000 50 20 20

London Lesbian and Gay Switchboard
0207 837 7324

0845 767 8000

Preventing young suicide
For people in Northern Ireland
0808 808 8000

0800 1111


0808 2000 247

Eating Disorders Association
0845 634 1414

0808 800 4444

NHS Direct
0845 4647

No Panic
0808 808 0545 

Combat Stress - for Service Men, Women, and their families
0800 138 161

Reach out. Pick up the phone. Speak to someone.

Wishing you a safe and merry Christmas

Tuesday 18 December 2012

The Lisa Legacy

This has been the year of the legacy. The Olympics needed to have one to be of value to the tax payer, the Paralympics had one, which it rightly deserved. And what else?

The "Lisa Riley" Effect. 

The "Fat Lass Does Really Rather Well On Strictly" Effect. 

The "Empowering A Nation" Effect. 

I know my news feed and time lines are unlike most, in their body positivity, in their inclusiveness, and in their supportive welcoming arms. 

But on Sunday night, when my timeline was full of these messages:

I realised that this was something new, something refreshing. And just how I see things through my wonderfully accepting timeline, I know others must see it through a very narrow minded, body shaming one. 

On Sunday night though, something wonderful happened. Cracks that had appeared over the past 2 months or so, getting a little larger over recent weeks, burst open. 

As Betty Bee talks about here, I was equally worried that Lisa would be the 'comedy' act. Then the music started, and WOW! SHE CAN DANCE!

The rollercoaster took off, and I was proud to wear my 'I *heart* Lisa" colours. Now, I know I'm vocal, opinionated and, er, LOUD, but as the weeks wore on, I got a-thinking: "were most of Lisa's fanbase silently cheering her on, while publicly supporting someone else?"

Again, I don't know, as my timeline was filled with my plussize brethren, and we were all cheering loud and proud for Lisa.

On Sunday though, Sunday had my Mam in tears, and all of twitter erupted with their support of Lisa and her 'People's Champion' status.

Now, if I'm ever asked for my inspiration, it'll be her. 

No question. 

That, is what I call a legacy.

Much love my lovelies,

K x

Friday 7 December 2012


Pants that is. I'm rather impressed that I've made it to 5pm at work, and no one, NO ONE has a negative thing to say about the 'Gymnast' pants:

Now, calling them my 'Gymnast' pants does imply that I have negative feelings about my latest foray into fashion. 

I really don't!

I was so happy about them this morning when I instagrammed the HELL out of them (MissKathryn84)

So shiny and blue and unlike anything I OWN!

This is how they are meant to look on:

I sized up (after having a disheartening 'these don't fit' moment with the floral trousers earlier in the year), and first thing this morning, I was comfy and happy with my new trousers. 

They fit close to my body, like a second skin!

I ended up with a booty that I envied (how is that possible?!)

And, teamed with a summer dress (as the trousers were rather warming!), it made what I thought, the perfect combination!

But having worn this all day, I just feel like I've let the trousers down a little. I hope to live up to their promise later, and maybe show off my FUPA, but today, I feel like I sold out on them.

I wanted to see if they were work appropriate, and I don't really think that they are, not for me anyway. 

As I'd got the 22, I found them slipping down, with the crotch about 6 inches lower than where it should have been, and I could pull them up / down without undoing the zip & button.

The length is perfect, if not a little long on me, but I do hope if I was to size down to a 20, that the leg length would be a better length for me. Although, I'm sure if I wore them with heels, not flat Primark brogues, it would look a little better!

We'll see how they wash, and odd though it may sound, I would like them to shrink just a LITTLE in the machine!

Hopefully, you'll be able to benefit from my mistakes (see, my blog name is accurate!), and get the perfect fit for you!

Much love my lovelies, 

K x

This item was sent to me to review, but my words and opinions are my own x

Tuesday 4 December 2012

Work Wear Recap

Under the #psbloggers hashtag, there was a little cry for help for some hints and tips for work wear. 

I admit that when I first entered the classroom, I was a vision in black. I added hints of my personality, but I do remember relying a LOT on a tatty pair of trousers from the high street, and long tops. I was about an 18 at the time. 

Since moving to a contact centre, my ideas of 'work wear' were quickly diluted, being allowed to wear jeans as part of the 'business casual' ethos we have.

As I've now moved up within the company, I've reverted back to my 'teacher' idea of business dress. 

I did feel a little in a rut when it came to my choices. Not because I didn't have any suitable clothes in my wardrobe, but more that I didn't have any ideas on how to make them business appropriate.

Simply Be came to my rescue!!

Which I was then able to dress up for an imagined interview situation:

The Black And Gold Baroque Skater dress has received a number of compliments from unusual sources in the office, and I have to say I'm trying my hardest not to wear it tooooooo often, through fear of wearing it out!

I finished my week (four days business dress, 1 day business casual), with a bit of an 'out there' outfit choice!

I love the mixing of the print with the pleats, and how the 'style police' would say I'm breaking a number of rules: big boobs mean no high neck tops, or tops with no shape. Well, TOUGH! I loved this combination, and certainly think I'll be wearing this combination again!

So my week of business came to a close, I've pushed my own sense of style & business dress a little bit, and hope you will too. 

This isn't a one click fix to my daily stare down with my wardrobe on what to wear today, but it is a start!!

Much love my lovelies, 

K x

Monday 3 December 2012

Advent Sunday

I had a pretty action packed Sunday if I'm honest. I'm usually a 'not do much' on a Sunday kinda gal. I might pop to Church, but that would be about it. 

This Sunday involved taking my Grandma out for Lunch, showing her my house and how things are progressing, take some things back to a popular DIY store, pick up some replacement pieces, take Grandma home, take my Mam to choir practice, pick Grandma up, take her to our Advent service, read a Lesson, and take the two back home again. 

So, my outfit needed to do A LOT for me. I had no time to change, freshen up, or even glance in a mirror! After some deliberation, I settled on this bird print dress from Clothing at Tesco:

Helloooooo curves!

I ordered my standard 22, and I love how the dress fits me like a glove. It hugs and supports in the right places, but unlike my usual dress choice, it was fitted over my rear and thighs. A tough choice for me to make, but I stood by my guns and:

A happy Kathryn was had! It sits just above my 5'9 knees. Spot on. 

It has a built in, full body slip, which helps smooth where needed!

I was worried it was over warm, but given my 'active' day, I didn't find it was sweat inducing by the end of my busy period!

And there I was, at my Grandma's, with a cup of tea, all festive with snowflake earrings and preparing my voice for my reading.

All went swimmingly well, and I have to say, "Holidays are coming!"

Much love my lovelies, 

K x

Saturday 1 December 2012


My favourite season is Winter. From the cosy nights in, the comfort food, and the layering, I do get excited by the dropping temperatures, the drawing nights, and the donning of scarves and gloves. 

It's only been recent years though, that my Christmas traditions have grown in number. As a child, unfortunately, it was about the tree and the presents and not much else. Growing older, I slowly added more to my tradition list. A rare night with the house to myself? Get 'It's a Wonderful Life' on, get the wrapping paper out, and get all the presents done. By doing this early, I can make sure I've not missed anyone out, or if I've bought too much for someone. Unfortunately, one year I did this so early, that I was left having to dust my presents before handing them out because they'd been on the present piano for so long!

My traditions now include: Advent candles, being a narrator in the Sunday School Nativity, making Christingle Oranges, taking the Brownies to see Fenwicks Window, and going to the 7pm Service on Christmas Eve, then out for some drinkies with friends.

All in all, my Christmas traditions don't necessarily revolve around money, or presents, or consumerism, instead, it's about family, friends and children. Odd how I like it more now as an adult, then I remember liking it as a child. 

What is all this rambling about? Mainly another tradition I've managed to get involved in, the #YAYAdvent project. It was meant to be for Leeds residents to enjoy and partake in, but I was so jealous that a postal component was added. I've bought / sourced & wrapped 24 presents for the 24 days of advent for Beth:

And also included a separate parcel for Day 1 (today) - a festive Jigsaw puzzle! Perfect past time for the winter months!

I also had to show Beth which to open and when:

And there you go - I used a sharpie and SWEAR I got a little 'happy' on the fumes!

I collected my presents from Beth from the Post Office this morning:

I've now got them in day order, ready and waiting for me to open every morning! Rather excited by this simple but effective tradition!

My present for today was a pair of Reindeer socks! Perfect to wear to Brownies on Tuesday and show off!

I'm also rather happy to have lit the candle for Day 1 this year:

All in all, I'm thinking "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas" today...

Much love my lovelies, 

K x