Tuesday 4 December 2012

Work Wear Recap

Under the #psbloggers hashtag, there was a little cry for help for some hints and tips for work wear. 

I admit that when I first entered the classroom, I was a vision in black. I added hints of my personality, but I do remember relying a LOT on a tatty pair of trousers from the high street, and long tops. I was about an 18 at the time. 

Since moving to a contact centre, my ideas of 'work wear' were quickly diluted, being allowed to wear jeans as part of the 'business casual' ethos we have.

As I've now moved up within the company, I've reverted back to my 'teacher' idea of business dress. 

I did feel a little in a rut when it came to my choices. Not because I didn't have any suitable clothes in my wardrobe, but more that I didn't have any ideas on how to make them business appropriate.

Simply Be came to my rescue!!

Which I was then able to dress up for an imagined interview situation:

The Black And Gold Baroque Skater dress has received a number of compliments from unusual sources in the office, and I have to say I'm trying my hardest not to wear it tooooooo often, through fear of wearing it out!

I finished my week (four days business dress, 1 day business casual), with a bit of an 'out there' outfit choice!

I love the mixing of the print with the pleats, and how the 'style police' would say I'm breaking a number of rules: big boobs mean no high neck tops, or tops with no shape. Well, TOUGH! I loved this combination, and certainly think I'll be wearing this combination again!

So my week of business came to a close, I've pushed my own sense of style & business dress a little bit, and hope you will too. 

This isn't a one click fix to my daily stare down with my wardrobe on what to wear today, but it is a start!!

Much love my lovelies, 

K x


  1. All great outfits, you look fab in colour xx

  2. Love the mustard dress in particular! You have a similar take on work wear to me, it is so tricky though! x