Monday 3 December 2012

Advent Sunday

I had a pretty action packed Sunday if I'm honest. I'm usually a 'not do much' on a Sunday kinda gal. I might pop to Church, but that would be about it. 

This Sunday involved taking my Grandma out for Lunch, showing her my house and how things are progressing, take some things back to a popular DIY store, pick up some replacement pieces, take Grandma home, take my Mam to choir practice, pick Grandma up, take her to our Advent service, read a Lesson, and take the two back home again. 

So, my outfit needed to do A LOT for me. I had no time to change, freshen up, or even glance in a mirror! After some deliberation, I settled on this bird print dress from Clothing at Tesco:

Helloooooo curves!

I ordered my standard 22, and I love how the dress fits me like a glove. It hugs and supports in the right places, but unlike my usual dress choice, it was fitted over my rear and thighs. A tough choice for me to make, but I stood by my guns and:

A happy Kathryn was had! It sits just above my 5'9 knees. Spot on. 

It has a built in, full body slip, which helps smooth where needed!

I was worried it was over warm, but given my 'active' day, I didn't find it was sweat inducing by the end of my busy period!

And there I was, at my Grandma's, with a cup of tea, all festive with snowflake earrings and preparing my voice for my reading.

All went swimmingly well, and I have to say, "Holidays are coming!"

Much love my lovelies, 

K x

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