Tuesday 18 December 2012

The Lisa Legacy

This has been the year of the legacy. The Olympics needed to have one to be of value to the tax payer, the Paralympics had one, which it rightly deserved. And what else?

The "Lisa Riley" Effect. 

The "Fat Lass Does Really Rather Well On Strictly" Effect. 

The "Empowering A Nation" Effect. 

I know my news feed and time lines are unlike most, in their body positivity, in their inclusiveness, and in their supportive welcoming arms. 

But on Sunday night, when my timeline was full of these messages:

I realised that this was something new, something refreshing. And just how I see things through my wonderfully accepting timeline, I know others must see it through a very narrow minded, body shaming one. 

On Sunday night though, something wonderful happened. Cracks that had appeared over the past 2 months or so, getting a little larger over recent weeks, burst open. 

As Betty Bee talks about here, I was equally worried that Lisa would be the 'comedy' act. Then the music started, and WOW! SHE CAN DANCE!

The rollercoaster took off, and I was proud to wear my 'I *heart* Lisa" colours. Now, I know I'm vocal, opinionated and, er, LOUD, but as the weeks wore on, I got a-thinking: "were most of Lisa's fanbase silently cheering her on, while publicly supporting someone else?"

Again, I don't know, as my timeline was filled with my plussize brethren, and we were all cheering loud and proud for Lisa.

On Sunday though, Sunday had my Mam in tears, and all of twitter erupted with their support of Lisa and her 'People's Champion' status.

Now, if I'm ever asked for my inspiration, it'll be her. 

No question. 

That, is what I call a legacy.

Much love my lovelies,

K x


  1. I was sobbing my heart out on Sunday when Lisa went off Strictly, even though I felt it coming. She did such a fab job and I'm really glad she's such a positive role model for us bigger gals. x x

  2. Don't have a TV but I'll have to go watch this!

  3. She was not just 'good for a big gal' she was just darn good. That's what I lived and found inspirational.