Friday 22 August 2014

Alnwick Castle - Home of Harry Potter

Growing up with the Harry Potter books, part of my youth was spent anxiously waiting the release date of the next book, and reading in one sitting. 

When the films started, it was a great idea to take the Brownies to the cinema to see the latest installment, until the franchise just got a little too dark for them! 

This year, when planning the theme for Brownie Holiday, one of us leaders joked that we could revisit the Harry Potter theme - and so the theme for Brownie Holiday 2014 was born! 

A post will be coming soon of what exactly we got up to, but I wanted to share the delights that was Alnwick Castle and Gardens as our 'day out' of Hogwarts!

The team at Alnwick really had pulled out all the stops for us, and the girls were welcomed every step of the way by staff - costumed and uniformed alike!

The impressive scenery was just part of the fun - we had wand making, magic shows, and the best one? Broomstick flying lessons!!

Now, I'm not going to reveal the secrets of broomstick flying, it's not my place! But it was an absolute hoot, and the delightful duo training us were wonderfully patient!

We did get some awesome video of me doing some warm ups and flying and proper getting into the spirit of the day! When I get them uploaded, I'll be sure to share!

We also saw Harry Potter himself doing a magic show: 

A short walk away from the Broomstick training ground though, is the beautiful Alnwick Gardens:

While the girls ran through water installations, and got SOAKED, I may have indulged in a cup of tea and slice of lush cake - and it was just perfect. If you can, any time of the year, get to Alnwick Castle and Garden (separate fees do apply to both attraction), and you will see the jewel in the North East's tourism crown. I mean, HOGWARTS!!!

One thing I can't guarantee is the weather: 5 mins after this photo was taken, this happened:

Oh, and eat at the Treehouse, it is nomnomnom :D

Much love my lovelies, 

K x

Tuesday 19 August 2014


I've often battled with the idea of wingz. No, not the McCartney band. But the sleeves you can slip on under a sleeveless dress and cover up your arms. 

  • Provides arm coverage for those worried about having their arms on display
  • Better alternative to permanently wearing a cardigan or shrug

  • Promotes the idea that part of our bodies should be hidden

At least these were the issues I had before I was sent a set to review. They have sat on my shelf for some time now, as I've struggled with the issue of "What do I wear them with?!". I hadn't even tried them on!

I was wearing this beaut of a scuba skater dress from New Look Inspire that morning, but Mam and I were planning on going out for tea later on, and I was COLD. 
Bad outfit planning Kathryn, BAD!

I had them in my bag, in the thought of asking my Mam if she wanted to try them out for me... 

When, Ta-DA! My arms were covered for warmth, and I looked GOOD. WIN. 

So, how do they work?

Two sleeves, tied together with a stretch of elastic, which sits under your bust like so:

And the other part rides up your back like a top part of a tshirt.

I got sent a pair in white, and I can see me wearing these in the autumn to aid with the transition from summer wardrobe to winter. - and that is what I now see the Wingz as a wardrobe life extender - making pretty sleeveless dresses winter appropriate! Go, give the lovely team at FatPhrocks a look, and see what you think!

Just goes to show, don't knock a piece of clothing until you've tried it!

Much love my lovelies, 

K x

Monday 18 August 2014

Apples, Pears and Hourglasses

When I started this blog of mine, I was working on the idea that I was hourglass, and if I wanted to flatter my shape, I would have to dress a certain way. 

Over time, and with the help of fellow bloggers, I've come to realise that all means very little!

We are people shaped. We are not defined by sex, but defined through gender. That is different story mind, to what I wanted to show you all.

Dressing for your shape. 

Hourglasses are told to emphasise their waist. Apples are told to skim their middle. Pears are told to wear embellishments on their top half, to off set their bottom heavy bottom half. 

Blah, blah, blah.


Today I'm feeling rather apple-licious:

My tartan shift dress from New Look doesn't skim, doesn't flatter, but is a ROCKING tunic. I'm loving having my legs out today (in leggings), and again, this is something that Apples are told to do a LOT - show your narrowest point. Or just wear some clothes that make you feel amazing, if the two overlap, perfect. 


A skater dress is a sure fire way to highlight my hourglass-sass.

And this Ax Paris Curve dress from Simply Be is a great example! Paired with tights and ballet pumps - it is an easy to wear option and one I resort to quite often! Some could say I rely on this too heavily, but what can I say, it's an easy to wear office staple!


Printed tunic, plain leggings and ballet pumps. I always seem to forget about my trousers, and so when I pull them out of the drawer, I always have a moment of "WHY HAVE I NOT WORN YOU ALL YEAR!"!

So, one body, 3 shapes, depending on what I'm wearing. 

You are only defined by your shape if you let yourself be defined by your shape

Much love my lovelies, 

K x

Wednesday 13 August 2014

How I Would Wear... Grunge Trend*

Hello my lovelies,

As teen, I spent my days listening to Nirvana and Black Sabbath, lamenting the fact that I was not able to express myself through clothes, like my friends were, due to the limited plus size fashion available in the late 90s. 

Last year, I bought my first pair of biker boots and I felt the 14 year old in me sing for joy, that here I was, some 15 years later, expressing my teenage angst with style! 

Teenage me would be over the moon with the options available to us these days, but Grunge-y, Alternative Kathryn, with her Led Zepplin Hoodie (the best I could manage at the time), would love the above items from New Look Inspire!
This shift dress from New Look (£22.99)just sings being worn with thick tights (ripped, if you're going for the full effect!), biker boots and leather jacket. 

In a size 24 for a relaxed, slouchy fit, this tunic will be a future favourite of mine. I teamed it with leggings and ballet pumps, but can't wait to wear it with my biker boots in colder weather.

It's almost as though it's mod meet grunge if I'm honest - which pleases me even more!

If a leather jacket is a couple of steps too far, and closer to looking like you're in fancy dress, then this New Look lace cardigan would keep the dressing up / dressing down mix that the grunge ethos (thinking Helena Bonham Carter)!

And finally, the New Look Nirvana tshirt:

If you're wearing this because you think it looks cool, then great. But the music snob inside of me is screaming "KNOW MORE THAN ONE SONG!". I'm trying to be open minded about these things, but hey, I can't be perfect!

Paired with a ripped set of skinny jeans, the above cardigan and a parka jacket and BOOM, grunge galore!

Much love my lovelies, 

K x

A review of the tartan smock dress will be coming soon! 

The shift dress was sent to me to review, but the words and thoughts are my own.