Tuesday 19 August 2014


I've often battled with the idea of wingz. No, not the McCartney band. But the sleeves you can slip on under a sleeveless dress and cover up your arms. 

  • Provides arm coverage for those worried about having their arms on display
  • Better alternative to permanently wearing a cardigan or shrug

  • Promotes the idea that part of our bodies should be hidden

At least these were the issues I had before I was sent a set to review. They have sat on my shelf for some time now, as I've struggled with the issue of "What do I wear them with?!". I hadn't even tried them on!

I was wearing this beaut of a scuba skater dress from New Look Inspire that morning, but Mam and I were planning on going out for tea later on, and I was COLD. 
Bad outfit planning Kathryn, BAD!

I had them in my bag, in the thought of asking my Mam if she wanted to try them out for me... 

When, Ta-DA! My arms were covered for warmth, and I looked GOOD. WIN. 

So, how do they work?

Two sleeves, tied together with a stretch of elastic, which sits under your bust like so:

And the other part rides up your back like a top part of a tshirt.

I got sent a pair in white, and I can see me wearing these in the autumn to aid with the transition from summer wardrobe to winter. - and that is what I now see the Wingz as a wardrobe life extender - making pretty sleeveless dresses winter appropriate! Go, give the lovely team at FatPhrocks a look, and see what you think!

Just goes to show, don't knock a piece of clothing until you've tried it!

Much love my lovelies, 

K x


  1. hmm I think I'd rather a real top underneath, such a weird idea

  2. I've looked at these before as I am a perpetual cardie and blazer wearer as it's good for coverage without adding heat and bulk.

    Perfect for holidays

  3. I think these are great. I get tired of wearing shrugs and cardi's with my sleeves that are inappropriate for work and yes I use to be SUPER self conscious of my flabby arms but lately I could almost care less so I think these are more perfect for turning non work clothes into work clothes! Thanks for the review!

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