Tuesday 21 July 2015

The Hoopla with Benefit

I've not really blogged much in the recent weeks, mainly due to new job starting! In the interim, there have been a few "twitter outrage" moments! I mean, when is there not really! But the title of the post might have given you the heads up at my topic - that Benefit Body Shaming tweet:

They posted it a fortnight ago, and this post has been forming and evolving and floating around my head ever since - I've learnt from experience not to ignore the need to write. 

I feel the need to explain myself, and in equal measure, defend myself, given that while discussing this fiasco with some fellow rad fats, someone interjected to state we were being unnecessarily harsh, and it was only one person sat behind the computer writing those tweets, not the whole brand. 

Now then, listen here: I have written many a training package on social media, and stress the importance of reflecting the brand in all you do... 


Yes, exactly. 

This tweet is basically saying that an international company thought it was okay to fat shame. No ifs, no buts. 

A slim person offered their unsolicited opinion on this matter. Errm, please don't tell me how I should be reacting over this, and I'll not dictate your feelings over skinny shaming, m'kay?

Because even fats have different options on this. Some think there are bigger matters at hand, and that battles have to be chosen. Others, like myself, think that not enough was done to apologise, and even the apologies seemed to only be made to those under a size 20 who expressed outrage. 

My main concern is that so few non fats raised concern / outrage / batted an eyelid, and expressed derision at those who did - while I am quick to join their crusade about skinny shaming (which is just as wrong). Where is the same loyalty to the body positive cause? I may be the admin of @shamebodyshame, but it doesn't stop me being disappointed at how few join the cause for fats - as though we're the lesser of the body shames, as though we deserve it somehow. 

One simple rule of thumb applies - body policing, body shaming, or any form of poking fun at someone's expense is NOT OKAY! DON'T BE A DICK.

Much love, 

K x

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