Friday 12 September 2014

Fat Swap Spoils

The final part of Plus North this year was a community day - where we were able to talk to people we hadn't been able to spend much time with so far. 

As part of this community day was a Fat Swap. I'd heard of these awesome things, but not had the pleasure of going to one. 

I took 8 items, and left with 8 different items. It is that simple. But it's a first come first served basis, so my elbows were sharpened and ready to dig out the best and brightest!

A New Look Inspire dress, and Next jersey blazer - all new to me, and a great look for the office!

A Matalan tunic with an owl print skirt - I paired with my black jeans for a relaxed office look!

HELLO Leaf print skirt of tropical dreams.

I also came away with some Clements Riberio, a couple of tshirts and a waist coat. I also spotted this picture of Emma, so I know my clothes have gone to happy new homes:

Much love my lovelies, I wouldn't swap you lot for the world though,

K xx


  1. I love the owl skirt, the swap seems like a lot of fun

  2. I'd love to hold a fat swap! They sound so fun! :) You look great in all your "new" finds!