Sunday 7 September 2014

Plus North 2014

My first decision about blogging about Plus North 14, is to not compare it to Plus North 13. Why? Well, different city for a start! But also it's a different organisation team, so it would be unfair to compare last years event with this. 

I've been to every Plus North, and one Plus London, and the one thing that tied them all together was the accepting atmosphere. 

Everyone was cooed over in equal measure (usually by me!) and I know that Plus North 14 was no different, as written about by the lovely Laura. As a regular to PN, I've taken to getting to the venue early to help where I could. The issues this year mostly lay with the venue and their reluctance to make things easy for us setting up. Nonetheless, the day event was a hot mess of awesomeness, with catwalks galore - now, who was that loud lass whooping and cheering? Oh yeah, that'll be me. Seeing beauts on a catwalk turns me into a supportive mess, okay?!

Issues with the venue aside, the main thing I missed this year, as with every year is LUNCH!! FEED THE MODELS!! **ahem** Sorry, so, when I bumped into the lovely Jim who aims to create a positive photo experience from reluctant muses - and whilst I'm not a reluctant wall flower, I am still waiting on the cookie / no cookie GIF! Once I have it, I'll edit this post and add it, don't fret!

I also met the lovely Curvy Kate team, which I've blogged about here, and fell in love with an Ann Harvey coat of DREAMS, which isn't on line just yet. The lovely Wingz team were there too, thankful for my honesty in my post here

The family enterprise that is Nicky Rockets (which I'll blog about later in the week) were as lovely as they were last year when they were there as punters, not stall holders, but the stall that had me fall head over heels was the lovely Chunky Cat Cuddler, where I picked up this adorable Cat and the Fish necklace:

And I had a such a laugh with her that I want to put her in my pocket for her general awesomeness!

I'm gutted I didn't browse the Simply Be stall enough, given that I've fallen for much of their Look Autumn collection!!

I also didn't spend that much time at the Evans, So Fabulous or Curvissa stalls - instead I spent it flitting from awesome babes to awesome babes, and actually socialised this year. Because you know what? There is more to Plus North than bloggers networking with brands, and whilst I didn't make a conscious effort to avoid it, it just naturally happened, that I instead spent time talking to people. SHOCKER!!

So a HUGE thank you to the Plus North team, and here is to what delights await us in 2015!

Much love my lovelies, 

K x

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