Sunday 22 June 2014

Simply Be Store Revisited

I've written about the lovely staff and selection at the Simply Be store in the Metro Centre before, but felt I needed to revisit the store and it's wonderful staff - it had simply been too long!

I was met by the lovely Ruth, who I knew from past shopping sprees in store, that was a great enabler, and I was not wrong!!

With a rack full of clothes ready to try on, I headed into their boudoir style changing rooms, and fell in love with the above Ax Paris skater dress. I've seen it on a number of other gorgeous ladies, and knew that if the lace sat right, the dress would be a strong addition to my wardrobe. It looks right at home!

They only had a couple of items left from the Look range, but jumped (sorry) at the chance to try the jumpsuit:

I'm squatting a little in this to give the impression of good length but too short in the leg and the body unfortunately.


The Look skirt paired with the Alice and You crop top, which is the cutest combination I've stumbled upon in a while! If you're interested in the skirt, SIZE UP! I ended up with the 26, and in the 22 for the crop top.

Ruth wonderfully persuaded me to try this 2 in 1 dress:

WHich really didn't look that great on the hanger, but the green caught my eye.

And I'm rather glad she did! This is also sat in my wardrobe!

Oh, neon floral print lantern skirted, sweetheart neckline of clubbing dreams!! On the website, it is a much more muted colour scheme, but in real life, it is just a beaut:

So much so, I made Ruth try it on too and look babely in it. I resist the calls of this dress this time, but who knows how long I'll last!!

This Alice and You Swing Dress could not be resisted though. And I am so glad it is sat in my wardrobe right now - imagine with biker jacket and boots in winter, or just as it is with a collar necklace. See, just a corker!

Other than the Ax Paris dress, and maybe the Look skirt, none of these would have made it into my online basket, but here? In store? So much easier to try on, to swap for different sizes, order in EVERY COLOUR, and get opinions (if the magic mirror is working). 

Ruth, and all the staff, were so welcoming and supportive and encouraging, and 2 years after they opened, I still recognise most of the staff - quite an achievement!

If in doubt, head to the store!

Much love my lovelies,

K x


  1. That two in one dress is great on you. Looks fab! x x

    1. It was a massive success in the office - many compliments and things x