Sunday 6 May 2012

Simply Be Beautiful

I feel like I've already written this post before! Because in a way, I have - in my review of the Stockton store, and the Jacamo store. 

But there is something I wanted to focus when writing up Wednesday 2/5/2012.

It started with my Lady Vintage London dress (kindly gifted as a thank you for my previous posts), and an early start for my appointment for my tattoo!

How cute is my Baby Owl? It is sat just above my ankle, and only took the hour! I have been a Baby Owl for about 15 years, and I like that I now have this part of my life to carry around with me.

I needed to have some control over my body, inflict some pain on myself of my choosing! It may not me good logic, but it is my logic!

After mooching / limping about town, I headed over to meet Katie and Daniella for the opening of the New Simply Be Store in the Metro Centre, Gateshead (for those of you who don't know, it is right near Newcastle! Don't be shy!)

I actually remembered to take photos this time!

Because Gemma Collins was officially opening the event, there were a lot of people milling around outside at the start of the night, and if I'm honest, the Metro Centre security staff could have been a little clearer on where they wanted us to stand / wait. But that was quickly forgotten as the shutters opened, and the store open!

The plus size mannequins meant that there was no need for pinning, and so it was possible to see how the clothes actual hang, drape or sit.

You can see how packed the shop was, but what you can't see is the enthusiasm of the customers, how happy they were to be able to feel the clothes, to be able to hold the item up to them and see how long it would be on them!

It was a joy to see.

I did have a play on the magic mirror, but for some reason it would not accept my twitter details (IT Tom would have to come and sort that out I suppose?!) so I facebooked one instead. 

I also tried on this dipped hem dress, mainly because I loved the colour, and because I wanted to try this style to see if it would suit me:

I love the dress, and the colour is gorgeous, but what you cannot see from the photo is that there seems to not be enough material to cover my ample rear (or was I referred to it infront of the whole dressing room 'I have too much junk in my trunk'. Yes, I said those words!) AND to cover my decency with the wrap skirt. 

I could have sized up, but the slinkyness of the dress would have been lost.

My Magic Mirror Photo:

I feel like this photo does not do this top justice - I'm wearing this now and will be posting about it later, but this top feels amazing on! And look, Baby Owl makes a sneaky appearance!

It was lovely to see the place so busy, but it was even better to share it with Jackie, and be able to see it through her eyes as well. And one thing that really stood out was the atmosphere of the place. There were a lot of youngsters there, clearly for Gemma, but they stayed, they window shopped, and enjoyed the store.

The title of this post hints at something I felt at the store. Everyone was beautiful there. Everyone welcomed. And everyone was  catered for. 'Straight sized' women are catered in shoes and bras (the fittings are a great success, measurement without tape measures), and the plus size women are catered in clothes, shoes and bras! Win win! 

The atmosphere at the store on the opening night was electric. But it is still the same when there isn't the press there, or when Gemma Collins wasn't there with her minder and PA. When Metro Radio aren't broadcasting.

THAT is what makes the Simply Be stores a success. The staff. 

Much love my lovelies, 

K x


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks my lovely! You must have missed me trying this one on then! x

  2. I popped into the Simply Be store in Stockton on the weekend sadly I didn't find anything to buy but I did try on a few things and the staff there were lovely and warm, it makes it a lovely experience, especially when sometimes going into the change rooms can be stressful for me!! I love your baby owl!

    1. Stockton is MASSIVE though isn't it!

      I think it is a testament to their catalogue that I had a list as long as my arm of things I wanted to try on, but they just didn't have them - so much good stock too choose from!

      K x

  3. The Lady Vintage dress is gooooooooooooooooooooorgeous. And it matches with your blog! :D

    Love the tattoo as well. It's so cute. How is the healing process treating you? I hate the stage when it gets so itchy and you almost run off cream. But the results are amaze.

    And the Simply Be in Gateshead has more pretty clothes than the one in Leicester! I love the minty dress, and the pink one with many colours on the mannequin. Unfair! But that gives me more excuses to venture into Newcastle. ;) x

    1. Ha, it does doesn't it!! Ha, I'd not even noticed that!!

      The tattoo is at that annoying stage now - I want to pick at it (I'm a picker, scabs, spots, everything!) but I'm trying to resist the urge!

      Honestly, come on up! We'll have a ball with the Magic Mirror, and seeing the Angel of the North, the Baltic Art Gallery on the river Tyne, so much to do!

      K xx

  4. I love that lady vintage dress, it's amazing!

    I am going to my parents at the end of the month, can't wait to check out the Metro Centre store, we have none down South :( I imagine I'll end up spending too much money though!

    1. You MUST pop in and see what they have. They change their stock quite regularly, so it's worth popping back and seeing what is available!

      K xx