Friday 4 May 2012

Red Car, Blue Car

I saw that the SimplyBe US page had released some 'Catwalk Looks' late on Monday. I was jealous and wanted to see if the UK site had a similar section! I didn't have far to look! This dress was under the 'New In' section on, and I was in lust! 

I was quick to link it on Twitter as I knew there would be some people out there who would join me in swooning over this dress!

While my twitter feed was lighting up, I was placing a sneaky order! At £45, this dress is not 'fast fashion', but the kind of dress I would wear with thick navy blue tights and a red cardigan in the depth of winter. I would  bring it out again next summer. This would not be a 'wear a couple of times and eBay' dress. Unless it suddenly didn't fit, it would be a staple in my wardrobe. Why? I love the print, the 50s Hot Rods scream Grease, Buddy Holly and feminine Pin Up style. THIS is why I love this dress. And why I would be keeping this for longer than just the one season. 

I had taken a lot of photos of this dress, but not many came out! This is my favourite because it showcases the pockets! 

The dress has two very different feels - the polyester lining is smooth against my skin, with the outer 'print' layer adding texture to the dress. 

It is, however, too short for me. Shock Horror! 

I would be happy to wear this with leggings, or jeans, but not with tights, given the length at the back of the dress.

On this occasion though, my 'tallness' doesn't just affect the length of the dress, it also alters where the waist is meant to sit. In the photo below, you could be excused for thinking that this dress is an empire line, rather than a nipped waist.

I had gone for my now usual 20, but will be trying a 22 to see if that will alter where the waist sits. If not, at least I know I tried to get this dress to love me!

If you are thinking of getting this dress, I would recommend up sizing on your usual SimplyBe style - as my chest was a little squished in - although if you aren't as endowed as myself in that area, you should be okay!

Much love my lovelies, and better luck next time!

K x


  1. Also, apologies, I hadn't realised Rocky had snuck into the room when I was taking photos!! Haha, big oaf that he is xx

  2. I actually looks better on you than the model, I prefer where the waistline sits On you!! Still not my cup of tea, buts looks much better in real life!!! X x

  3. It is sitting in the same place as on the model as far as,I can tell and you look hot!

  4. I've noticed that Simply Be and Pepperberry think we're all short... Maybe I'm just a "big American", but I really need my dresses to be under my knee standing up! Anyway, I ordered this dress And it's freaking adorable! Just thought I'd share. :)

  5. It looks lovely nice to see it in real life it really suits you xx

  6. I love this dress, if it's too short for you it will look stupid on me! Gutted (you do suit it though!)

  7. I completely agree that its a more than one season dress, because that pattern is just so bloody lovely!

    I think that as plus size people are so many different shapes and sizes, I think there's always going to be issues with the fact that alot of things come in a standard size...being average height, I usually find lengths of dresses ok (but not trousers because I've short legs!), but then always an issue with stuff when it comes to the boob department. I'm definitely going to get this dress, so I shall report back to how my very different figure found it!

    But the colour and pattern is gorgeous on you, and I personally think the waistline looks fine where it is - but as you usually go for the nipped-in fifties sort of style, I can understand why you feel like the waist is at an odd place!

    But yeah, still in love with this dress!

  8. Lovely dress! Wish they would make longer ones more.
    That blue and print are so pretty tho! <3 ^^

  9. I'll buy anything with cars on it but badly proportioned dresses just aren't cool when you're tall.

    Oh how I wish I was 5ft 2!

    As ive mentioned before though, Sainsburys TU have been selling tops with the exact same print on in pink and lemon.