Tuesday 15 May 2012

Work Power Dressing

I am now doing much better, so as my sick note ran out, and I was slowly descending into madness at home, alone, all day, I figured I would try to head into work. 

Well, I made it! It is now lunch time and it is looking like I'm here to stay!

But this morning, well, it was a different matter! I was a little nervous after 6 weeks. Had too much telly (old episodes of ER, Doctor Who and Alphas) fried my brain? 

Truth is, I've been coaching it slowly these past few weeks, reading work emails, doing Sudoku, and some Brownie paperwork all helped keep my mind active. I'll admit as well, that this blog has helped. It has meant I've HAD to get ready to do outfit posts, it's meant I've HAD to put make up on (Self Care), and meant that I've had to think about things, put them in context, and express myself effectively. Hopefuly, I've managed that, even on my increased medication and decreased sleep!

So thank you readers for putting up with my ramblings, with the amount of 'new items' and the slew of posts I've been releasing recently! You've all helped me get back to work!!

Now, what to wear!

I like my power dressing. I like making an effort. So I opted for this combination:

My Domino Dollhouse blouse and ! ! print skirt! Add my nurses belt and I was set!!

This was the first outing for the blouse, bought off twitter for a STEAL! It is a 4X (which I figured I needed for the boob situation!) and so needed tucking in to get the shape I wanted!

I love the voluminous sleeves, and think the two prints work quite well together!!

I teamed the blouse with this bow (which I got from the Vintage Fayre I went to on Sunday - blog post to come!) which I thought I would wear as a dicky bow type affair, but I'm not sure the off white works here... 

Also, noticed when taking these photos that perhaps this Cleo bra was not the best option - see through much!! But it is pretty, my manager is not in the office, so it doesn't really matter!

I do think my Power Dressing plan worked today. I feel much better about my outfit planning for tomorrow (slightly less formal), and ultimately, think my return to work, while premature, is much needed, and is indeed, thanks to the blog for an outlet, and reminding me about the importance of self care. 

Much love my lovelies, 

K x


  1. Glad your feeling better. Loving the outfit today x

    1. Thanks my dear! Just debating on what to wear tomorrow now! So much choice!

      K x

  2. you look gorgeous! i want that outfit glad your first day went ok xx

    1. Naw, thanks! I'm thinking I need more separates as I've got a lot of dresses - which limits things a little on styling and things...

      I enjoyed putting this one together but it could have been better I think.

      K x