Thursday 24 May 2012

Power dressing

So, this was was my first full week back, and it was already tipped to be a jam packed week!

Monday was a bit of writing, and a bit of delivering, so I went for something a little safe in style, but different in fit:

I say the fit of this top as it was on a 22 hanger in ASDA, and I didn't realise it was actually a 20 until I got it home. It was £5, reduced from £10 in their sale, and other than being a little bit see through (read a LOT), it was a perfect start to my week. The sleeves are see through, and therefore breatheable, making it the perfect 'start of the heatwave' combination. 

It is teamed with my trusty Domino Dollhouse plain skirt and nurses belt. 

Tuesday was a day of pure writing (and reviewing,and phone calls, and what not), but I still wanted a power dressing outfit that would hopefully spur me on with the writing. 

 I even got my legs out look!

When I first wore this dress, I wore it with my skinny jeans, but after managing a day in the office without feeling self conscious in the dress, I think it is now officially a 'tights' dress!

I also wore my ASDA blazer (a smarter alternative to the cardigan - I just need it in colours other than grey), and my Viva La Diva shoes.

Wednesday was a full business dress day as we had the client visiting. I was also delivering back to back sessions, so needed smarter than smart!

After I tried the 20 in this dress, I knew it just didn't feel 'right' and that it was not sitting on my T&A very well. Marisota contacted me to see if there was anything they could do for me to rectify the issue. I joked in response that they could send me a 22 to try. And they were kind enough to do just that!

Look, a perfect fit on the ample rear!

Due to my health issues at the moment, I am rather bloated and distended, so the extra space I gained in the waist came to good use! Although once this has gone (hoping to does go), I'll be taking a look at making some amendments to the dress to make it durable! 

One thing I will say about this dress, is the material - not conducive to the heat we've been having, but perfect for the colder months!

Today though, even bigger client came in, so I needed something a little different:

Another outing for the ASDA blazer, and the nurses belt was brought out (even though it kept moving from my waist to my underbust! I blame the shiny lining!)

I even colour coordinated my tights and shoes to keep the navy and red theme going!

Tomorrow is a dress down day - and I'm undecided what to pull out the bag for that, but I've enjoyed my 'smart' dressing this week, and felt the benefits in my productivity as well.

Much love my lovelies,

K x


  1. You look super gorgeous in all your outfits as usual :)

    1. Thank you my lovely.

      I pretty much had them planned at the weekend - the rest slotted into placex

  2. You look lovely the first outfit is my favourite you look great xx

    1. I think it is mine as well, although today's outfit might just edge it xx

  3. All the outfits looked great on you...have to say you have great dress sense love alot of the dress :)

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