Wednesday 9 May 2012

Large Cup Lingerie Review

A disclaimer to start off with - there will be no photos of me in the lovely wares from

Back in February, you may remember, I was very lucky to win £50 to spend with the lovely people at Large Cup Lingerie (follow them on twitter: @LrgeCupLingerie).

I knew from experience that the 'Large' underwear options would not come close to my ample rear, and so figured my £50 would get me 2 bras, if I contributed an additional £10. Not bad going! At the time I was certain I was a 38GG, and naive enough to think that this would be the case across the brands (so wrong. So so so wrong!)

I opted for these two:

They arrived promptly, but it was clear when I tried them, that they didn't fit. 

I could fit them both on the tightest hook straight away (a clear sign that the band size was too large), and had major side cleavage and quad boob. It was not a good or comfortable fit. 

I wrote a very apologetic email to Cha, and explained that obviously my size had changed, and would I be able to return these, and order fresh. She was very understanding, and offered to order in direct from Freya, which allowed me to search the Freya website to see what they had to offer. 

I then selected:

Again, beautiful bras, which was something I was amazed to see - I was not used to seeing larger sizes (both cups and backs) in such pretty designs. 

These arrived, and I refused to accept that they did not really fit me. The new size of 36HH, whilst in reality is very close to my size, in Freya, the back was just too big still, and the centre gore refused to sit flat against my chest wall, meaning over the course of the day, things got very uncomfortable. 

I have passed these pretty bras onto a good friend of mine, who is hopefully enjoying them more than I was able to. 

However, as a company, Large Cup Lingerie offer such a good service - more than just Freya, and Fantasie sit on their inventory - that I would definitely order from them again.

For more information, here is G's original introduction to Large Cup Lingerie:

Much love my lovelies, 

K x


  1. i nominated you for a blog award xx

  2. Sorry to hear the bras didn`t fit..but hope
    you find nice ones soon. ^^v At least your
    friend is happy with them. ^^d hih
    So difficult to find a good fit bra.
    In Japan I find it nearly impossible. *deep sigh*

  3. I love love love the top right bra! It's very cute but oh so sexy! I used to work in M&S and they have some really pretty bras for larger cup sizes.. very pricey though! Bras just are in general though aren't they? They also put the price up for larger cup sizes which is a bit outrageous aswell!

    Cute blog, love your outfit posts! Now following xxx