Wednesday 9 May 2012

Tunic Tonic

Denim Longline Tunic
I don't usually do tunics. I find they don't sit in the right places for me, or they just 'hang' off my bust, and so hiding my shape quite a bit!

When in Simply Be for their launch, I spotted this tunic, and as I was hunting for something to try on and play with the mirror again, I picked it up on a whim!
A good whim because it has pockets, it is suitably fitted, and the colour is a lovely dark indigo, which looks really sophisticated with my black Angel Ribbons skinny jeans (which seem to have disappeared from the website, booo).

The Magic Mirror convinced me of it's need to be in my wardrobe:

At £28 (I got an extra 10% off for posting the image on Facebook) it is a very well priced item as it will be making appearances throughout the year, and regardless of what it 'in', good fitting clothes never go out of fashion!!

 The rounded neck sits at the perfect length cleavage, and the sleeves are adjustable, either a long sleeve or three quarter, you choose! I love this as it means I don't have to wear a cardigan with this to work, as I can just literally, roll my sleeves up when things get busy! 

The length is a perfect length for a 'top' on me, covering my ample rear, 
whilst not heading into 'dress' territory!

You can just make out that there
is rusching at the back, which
adds to the shape to the tunic.
Pockets and waists!

Most tunics I own are shapeless on me, and so I am slowly trying to replace them with more fitted, better fitting, and better quality items!

This is a KEEPER!

Much love my lovelies, 

K x


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Tracey! Tried on on a whim as well! I wouldn't have ordered it from the website photos I don't think x

  2. I really love this, so glad you tried it on, I totally overlooked it on the site! xx

    1. It is so easy to over look isn't it! It makes me feel trim, which is hard to do!

      K x

  3. i love this it looks really good on i always stay away from tunics too but this one is fab xx

    1. I know, right! Goes to show that rules, even ones we set ourselves, are sometimes made to be broken!

      K x

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