Thursday 18 July 2013

Forever Yours

There are times when you see something and wonder: would that work on me? Would this fit my **insert body part here**... And I'll be honest, I thought that about this amazing find of mine from Yours Clothing:

I was curious as to whether this would fit my chest. And if it did, would it sit as well everywhere else. 

I was having a rough day, and on a whim, bought it. I fretted about it over the weekend, wondering if it would be leave me a little dejected, or if in fact, it would work.

It is an elegant, and yet cool, dress. It makes me feel as tall as I am, rather than a lanky lass in a too short dress. I love that at 5'9 / 5'10, the dress still sits at my lower calf.

I opted for the 22/24, and on the reflection, I might have got away with a 20, but in this heat, I was happy with the loose fit and flowing skirt to offer some breeze and respite from the heat. If I wanted to, I'm sure I could belt this at the waist, and I am debating on how it will look with a full petticoat underneath.

Due to the classy nature of the dress, I wanted some statement jewelry to make it a little more relevant. I hesitated over my ice cream, Battenburg and 'K' necklaces, but decided on this round leopard print disc necklace from Damart:

I had worn this earlier in the month, but it sat flat on my flesh, and the rope cord did irritate me. However, sitting on the high neck of this dress finished the outfit perfectly, irritation free!

There you have it. My outfit of the day yesterday, with my pretty new dress, and first piece of statement jewelry gifted from Damart. 

Much love my lovelies, 

K x


  1. Such an elegant dress. I really love the high neckline and the print on it.

  2. That dress is lovely and I think the addition of a net petticoat would be great as it would make it very 1950's pin up style xx

  3. I adore this dress so much, but at 5'2 it would be on the floor on me, I am tempted to buy it and take it up though. x you look beautiful in it. xx

  4. I really like this dress, normally something that looks good on a Manichean does not look the same on but i can honestly say that this dress looks amazing.

  5. Love this dress, it suits you very much x