Friday 15 March 2013

Flirty Skirty

When I got an email from Collectif the other week, offering my 50% off full price items, my heart did a little leap. 

I jumped at the chance to order myself a plain black version of the Liesel Circle skirt, planning to make the most of the 50% off. But then I saw that it was available in red, and I reasoned that it meant I was getting Buy One, Get One Free. Even better!

They arrived when I was house sitting at my parents, so bereft of an iron, I had to head off to work in an extremely creased skirt - such was my excitement to wear it!

I didn't have any of my usual tops for wearing with skirts, so dug out my old faded Beatles tee and threw on my ASDA blazer from last Summer! Not my best ensemble, but I loved the swishiness of the skirt.

I opted for size 22, and in all honesty, wish I'd sized down to a 20. I studied the size chart and as my 41" waist sits in the 22 bracket, it was the one I went for. Never mind! 

I even incorporated it into my outfit for taking the Brownies to church for Mothering Sunday:

Although the best photos then came about when I was able to return home to my full length mirrors!

The skirt sits modestly below the knee, and the swishy swirliness of it makes me very happy (read: giddy) indeed! Here, I paired it with my elasticated Nurses belt, which added a certain security that it wouldn't end up slipping from my waist. 

Following on from this picture being taken, I added my trusty black cardi, and my lovely, sweet, LMD ice cream necklace (similar here) for a clashing wonder of a party:

I am a very happy Kathryn knowing I have a trusty, plain full skirt to choose from now!

Now, the observant amongst you will have noticed that in the product picture there are BRACES. I liked the thought of mixing it up a little with a pair of braces, and so tried them out:

Now, they look okay, but they need to be shorted by about 3 inches. I'll ask my Grandma to make the changes, and will try them again. They are held in place by a button, so I would have liked to have seen button holes at different heights to make it adjustable, but that's just me being picky!!

Be warned, outfit posts to follow featuring the RED skirt!! 

Much love my lovelies, 

K x


  1. Gorgeous skirt, I keep thinking of ordering it myself :)

  2. love to see you with it off