Friday 8 March 2013

A Stand Up Dress

When I saw this dress pop up on my Facebook page, my heart swelled!! Well, not really, but it plucked at my dress-loving heart strings:
It reminded me of the gorgeous dresses Georgina of Fullerfigurefullerbust wears with ease. 

This delight is from a dress makers called "Polka Dot Polly" (their website is here).

They have some dresses ready made (this is one of their ready made dresses) but also offers to make them to your measurements. I was careful with the sizing this time (having learnt my lesson from this dress off eBay) and chose a size 24. 

It arrived and fit like a glove! I am wearing my Bravissimo Satine bra in black, which gives me a very east / west shape, but worked for the line of the dress:

I teamed it with a black cardi and no jewellry:

When I came to actually wearing it, it was to a Comedy club I was headed to straight from work, so the dress got placed in a bag to be thrown on in the works toilets!

I absolutely love everything about this dress - the cap sleeves, the fit and flare skirt (yet to be tried with a petticoat mind!), and the print! That beautiful tartan print! It made people spotting me much easier: "I'll be the girl in a tartan dress!".

It seemed that my choice of underwear made a nice addition to the finish:

I headed off to the delightful comedy venue, The Stand Newcastle (also available in Edinburgh and Glasgow), and had the best burger I've ever had sober (cos when you're less than sober, every burger is the best burger!):

Whilst indulging in this master piece I did noticed I had a bit of a bra issue:

I think this Ewa Michalak bra was being too good a bra for this dress, it needed east / west syndrome back again!

Not to be deterred mind, I went on to through caution and dignity to the wind and laughed with abandon! It wasn't hard, given the line up!

It was a 'chat show' style affair, with the great Steffen Peddie (otherwise known as Big Keith in hit BBC Comedy Hebburn) as host.

First up was Neil Grainger, otherwise known as Gervaise in the hit BBC Comedy Hebburn. Steffen guided us through Neil's career, taking in such delights as Cross Roads and Banged Up Abroad!

After a short interval, Chris Ramsey, otherwise known as Jack in hit BBC Comedy, Hebburn) took to the settee, ready for a range of questions, from Wasps Nests to Harlem Shakes. Video below:

(this was my first attempt at recording something. Please forgive me!)

Next up we had the two return to the stage along with Hebburn creator and star Jason Cook! Hilarity ensued! I can not put in words! It showed how difficult it must have been to get any work done with these 4 around!!

I've stolen the photo from a facebook page as I wasn't allowed to take photos due to house rules

I was unfortunately at the gig on my own, so pretty much stayed in my seat to ensure I kept it! I would highly recommend the venue, and the Big Owl Comedy Chat Show which is on every month at The Stand Newcastle. 

Much love my lovelies, 

K x


  1. Dress looks beautiful on you and I like the hint of lace if I'm honest x

  2. BOOBS!
    This dress looks beautiful on you <3 It plucked at my dress loving heart strings too and seeing it on you has made me want it all the more! xx

  3. You look beautiful what a classy and sassy lady!

  4. Lovely dress :) you've got quite a collection!! Xx

  5. Cute dress! Very vintage!
    I'm your newest follower.
    If you have a moment, I'd love to invite you to check out my blog!
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