Thursday 11 October 2012

Curvy is a SHAPE not a size

There are somethings that are bound to get my back up (what a great way to start a post eh?!):

  • Fat bashing of any kind (see this post)
  • Using the word 'REAL' to describe a larger person
  • Using the word 'CURVY' to describe a larger person
Now, as the title of this post suggests, I'm looking at the word CURVY.

This annoys me on two fronts:

The ladies of the world who are a size 8, but curvy, now daren't call themselves that for fears of being labelled 'Plus Size' - a term I don't necessarily agree with, but will use until I can think of something better!

This woman is CURVY - but call her 'full figured' or 'plus size' at your peril. 

How is she plus size? How is she 'full figured'? I mean, come on!

But okay, if you don't believe me yet:

This woman is CURVY. And again, you wouldn't say she was anything other than 'straight' sizes would you?

I am also curvy:

I'm not saying I'm not - however, I am saying you can be plus size and NOT curvy, as well as straight sized AND curvy. The two aren't mutually exclusive.

This curvy is a euphemism thing is two fold - what about the beauties who are plus size but don't have curves? I mean the Apples, the Pears? They are still gorgeous, so why then are we excluding their 'shape?

So, what is the point I'm trying to make?

That using the word 'curvy' to describe any ol' plus size gal, isn't doing you, or your brand, any favours. You have plus size beauties looking at themselves and thinking - "I don't have curves, I mustn't be included". You will also have straight sized curvy gals wondering why you're appealing to them...

So, curvy is indeed a shape, and not a size.

Much love my lovelies,
K x


  1. I am kind of a cross between an apple and an hourglass im just curvy on the convex side of things ;) xx

  2. I am the same as Mhairi. I am, accordnig to evans 'shape guide', partly hourglass, as my waist is smaller than my boobs and hips, but also an apple as i have a belly!!!

    Christina Hendrix is apparently a size 14, which to me is straight sized.


  3. Wouldn't pear also be curvy? Anyways, I am right with you on this one. It is very misleading to try to make curvy mean anything else than having curves. There is a plus size store around here, with the slogan "we loooove curves", and I find that a quite misleading slogan for them to have. First of all, they are not marketed at slim, curvy girls, so they can't really say they love all curves. And second, they are not keeping large, curvy ladies too much in mind either! Though they have pretty nice clothes, finding something suited for hourglass shapes is probably more difficult here than other places! It's all loose-in-the-middle clothes :/

  4. Curvy is such a confusing tem used incorrectly most of the time! I have been plus and stright sized. not once have I been curvey I dont curve at all! I'm a bit top heavy my waist is an illusion created by my clothes! lol xxx

  5. Hi! Great post! Hope shops/brands/indstry someday understand that we are not "perfect", we are REAL. xo
    Alice Barton ♥ The Mow Way

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