Monday 8 October 2012

Caped Crusader

When having a look about for "Operation Winter Coat 2012" (more on that to follow!), I came across this unusual cape on

I last worked with Marisota when they sent me this dress in the larger size as thank you for my review.

A few days later this arrived:

I have had it on and off again over the last of weeks, enjoying the flexibility it gave me - the half sleeves allowed me to either go bare arms, or throw on my long gloves / wrist warmers, and trot off on my way!

After a time, I started playing with it! Mixing it with clashing patterns (my Mam claimed it brought on one of her headaches!), chevron with polka dots is my personal favourite!

You can just see my sparkly Primark cardigan underneath here - I think you'll be seeing a lot more of this in the future!

The cape is hook and eye, which has already had a bit of an incident where it got caught on: my hair, my cardigan and the wool of the cape itself! Must try harder!

It is no longer available (I've not had it that long, I promise!), but when it was, it was only available in 2 sizes, either a S (12-18), M (20-26) or a L (28-320). Given my bust, and how I've been wearing with layers, I opted for the medium!

It fits very snug at my neck, and the hooks occasionally came undone, until I added a scarf under to add a little bulk, which seems to have kept the hooks, er, hooked!

Now I've got over my fear of clashes, and sourced a couple of lovely long gloves, I'm all set to trot out in this cape for some time to come!

As I mentioned, this item was sent to me to review, and all views  expressed are my own. 

This cape is available HERE.

Much love my lovelies, 

K x


  1. The cape looks amazing on you! And loving the clashing patterns too!

    Very Miss Jean Brodie!! Your school teacher side come out when you wear it!!

  2. Absolutely love this cape on you! Thanks for featuring us :)