Tuesday 16 October 2012

Blogging Beauties: Take 2

Well, after the comments on my very first Blogging Beauty, I am very excited to bring you my second of many!

This fine blogger was one of the first that welcomed me into this wonderful community, and that made me feel a part of something special. 

I met her at Plus London, and I think it is fair to say, I couldn't have got through that day without her!

But the main reason she gets this mention today is because of a post she wrote last week:

Mhairi, over at LilyBoBombs. She has tackled something which I know must have terrified her: the BodyCon dress!

She may not look comfortable here, but WOW! Such a stunning figure and those LEGS!! Swiiiiiits-Woooooooo!

And so, the beautiful Mhairi is my blogging beauty of the week, reminding me that I started this to push myself to try new things, to challenge my sartorial choices.

I didn't expect to have it 34000 views in less than a year, to have been to events, and have made a wonderful circle of friends. 

So thank you everyone, and much love, 

K x

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